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There are problems now with the Afterpaytouch POS software. We are looking into it with them now. Currently, we strongly suggest that you do not load their latest software until we can resolve this situation.

We are also checking on the situation with Afterpay and Windows XP and Windows 7 as it appears that Afterpay no longer works on Windows XP and it works only on the current version of Windows 7. If so it will not be the first major company that is withdrawing support from these products.




I have downloaded the Touch upgrade and I am now using it. There were no problems with the Mobile recharges, but there was a slight hiccup with the Newspaper subscriptions. By accident, I found a solution to the problem. The procedure is to open the NEWS SUBSCRIPTION dialogue box which presents the sub menus for The West Australian and News Corp. If I was to take a payment for The West Australian, it would seem logical to open The West Australian sub menu where it asks you to scan the barcode. If you do it this way an error message comes up and you cannot process the payment. By accident I found that if you scan the barcode before you open the sub-menu another sub-menu pops up asking for you to nominate the group the payment is for. Click on the appropiate group and then you are asked for the payment amount. Process the payment and this then appears in the POS register. Payment is taken and the appropiate receipt is printed

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Gordon and Gotch codes in DDO



Warning Gordon and Gotch sent out DD2 files Thursday last week that have 5 digit supplier codes in them. There is a strong possibility depending on when you process your magazine in the next few days that it may have the old 5 digit code in them. All I can say is be careful.

Also, we do recommend that you do not send any returns tomorrow (Tuesday) as it is not clear as to exactly when GG will be changing their system. However, sales and returns information sent on Wednesday should be okay with the new 10 digit supplier codes.


We are in constant touch with Gordon and Gotch, and we will keep you posted if we become aware of any more problems as they develop.


Shoplifting prevention some tips



If you can't measure shoplifting, then all you have is an opinion. Do you are going with it, is it getting worse, is what you are doing helps, etc. NO.

I was told about this at a retail security convention and here are some ideas that I picked up that I think you will find interesting.

Today with the internet, the problem of shoplifting is getting much worse. 20 years ago a shoplifter often had great difficulty in selling his stolen wares, and when he went to a fence, he was lucky to get a quarter of the value, today on eBay he can sell almost anything and get nearly all of the retail value. Plus the laws are not a tough so its no wonder that shoplifting is going up.

Here are some tips.

Patroling the shop

Security cameras and tags etc are good but a shoplifter with a booster bag can walk through your electronic bars with no alarm going off. A simple way they can test your security is they steal a tag and nothing else, then they put the tag in the bag and walk out. If the alarm goes off and they are asked to show their bag, the tag is so small it will probably be missed as no-one is looking for a tag, what they are looking for is stock. If you do find the tag, they can just say they were going to buy something, put it in the bag and then changed their mind, put the item back and the tag must have fallen out. Yeah it just magically was cut off the item.

So with all the security technology, there is nothing better than having staff walk around the shop offering to help your clients, besides being excellent customer service it is disrupting a potential shoplifter.

Compare your perpetual sales to your actual sales.

It is not hard for your accountant (or you) to know the value by a department of what you purchased (PURCHASED) had in the shop at the start of last financial year (Start) and what you had at the end of the last financial year (END). Then take off what was lost (LOST). Now divide by the margin (MARGIN%)

The theoretical (generally called perpetual) sales = ((PURCHASED)+(START)-(END)-(LOST))/(1-MARGIN%)

Now compare this figure with what your total report in your point of sale has.

That is your TOTAL theft problem. This is your starting point as it includes much more than just shoplifting.

In practice, if you do not know a figure, just take an educated estimate. What I suggest is that you work with a range, e.g. if MARGIN% is somewhere between 23% and 25% then do the calculation for 23% and then do it again for 25% to give you a feel of the problem. This method tends to work better than just averaging.

For example, I did a calculation with a client, and we determined that the problem was at the most about $4,000 which my client then decided was about as good as its going to get so we stopped there.

Continuous stocktakes

A shop stock should be counted regularly. The shop can be split into manageable sections, then each part which should be about equal in work in counting can be done when a person is available. Please read here for details

Doing this will tell you where most of your theft is happening. It also allows you to check your retail inventory systems. As a general rule, it was suggested that each shop should be counted every quarter. Some people count high-risk departments like the tobacco stand at the end of every shift. Doing it freqently makes it possible to review your security tapes to try to pinpoint how, who and when the theft occurred.

Staff security

Often this is a joke, with everyone in the shop knowing the manager's password. But it does not have to be like that, with a bit of care a proper staff security system can be set up.

Grandmother in the front

The speaker at the show thought highly of this idea. Have grandmother stand in front of the shop and warmly greet everyone that comes in. It seems to shame a few people into being honest.


Use cards

From a theft point of view, cash is always a problem as tracking cash can be difficult.

A free book

Latest ABC circulation figures May 2016


There were no surprises this quarter as the latest Audit Bureau of Circulations figures show more of the same slide for the print circulation both in newspapers and magazines.

Note how Herald Sun and Mercury are amazingly less than the rest.

It is however, fair to say print newpaper sales are losing sales fairly consistently no matter what the publisher or region. Digital has certainly not made up the difference as you can read here.


Weekly magazines are dropping even faster as you can read here

POS Solutions is participating in the 2015 Study of Australian Leadership



POS Solutions is participating in a new national study of "Study of Australian Leadership" (SAL). This study is being conducted by the Australian Government Department and the University of Melbourne.

It is a huge study and we were quite proud that we were selected to help in this study. What the Australian government and Melbourne University are trying to understand current and future challenges facing Australian organisations, and the capacity of our leaders to meet these challenges.

It's not the only study we are involved in the present with the universities; we are also helping with one on Australian software, and we have been recently in another study to help handicapped people in the workforce.

We feel as well as ultimately improving our community, these studies also help us all to connect to the larger world.


Rewardle - comments


I got asked today about rewardle

I know of it, but I have never seen it in our market space except in cafes. What happens is that many cafes have a rewards card, generally, something like buy nine coffees and the tenth is free. So when you come in and buy your coffee, they stamp your card. When the card is filled you get your free coffee. The problem is that consumers complain that sometimes the cards have not been stamped often because they did not bring in their coupon. Because rewardle comes with a card and an app on a smartphone, the consumer can have their sale recorded using their smartphone, and because it is being counted by a third party, the count is verified. Also, their points are safe, even if they lose their phone, as the points are stored in the cloud. This is the basic as there are several other reward programs that rewardle can handle.

I better say here that one reason I have not had much contact with rewardle is that our software already does all this and much more.

So how much does rewardle cost a merchant, I am not sure but in the back of my head, I think its $49/month for a small shop. I could be wrong about that.

I have noticed the rating on the google app is not highly rated at 3.4. As a rule of thumb, I rarely would touch an app with less than a rating of 4.

Furthermore, it has few reviews only 419, you can read the reviews on google play. The users' views seem to be very mixed on this product.

One point I would certainly recommend is before going into any agreement you check what happens if, for any reason, you terminate your use of the Rewardle Platform, in particular, on whether you and/or your clients still have access to their point score.

Also if you are seriously looking into this, another product to check out is eCoffeeCard

I hope this helps.