Culling items

Reducing the variety of items on a shelf is a common way for retailers to a large number of items, that do not sell, that confuse shoppers, complicate the stocking of shelves and eliminate unprofitable items.  The technical term for it is assortment reduction, and most retailers have been doing it for years, for example, figures show in the packaged food and grocery lines peaked in 2014.
This is an easy way to cull items that do not sell in your shop. It should take you about 10 minutes to do.
Let us say you had a shelf like this with goods on it, so let us start.


Step one

I suggest that you do it by department  

Go to the Main Menu / Stock Systems / Supply Report

The first step is to check the Over Supply Report.

Put 100% in the box.

Select the option to show all

Select option Returns

Now click Show Report.

These are all the products you have received and never sold in the period chosen. I would suggest these are the first ones to cull.

Step two

Now if you need more room, select the Magazine Supply Report. Although the report was designed for magazines, it will work with any item.

Now I suggest you do this step by a supplier. 

Now select a supplier here and period and then click Get Data.

Now on the reports, you will see a listing of the items sold by numbers. Note the bottom selling items.

Actually it is surprising how much can be culled with little effect on sales.

See how you go and let me know how it went.

The idea here being is to be very surgical in your approach rather than blunt.


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