With changes in the industry happening all the time, any modern newsagency is a lot of hard work and requires stringent time management skills.

Newsagent, stationary, a4 paper,

Magazine control

Newsagent, stationary, a4 paper,

Balancing responsibilities between your clients' needs, employee demands and the products that you market is a task undertaken by most types of retail businesses, and it is a task that POS Solutions took to heart from Day 1. PosBrowser was born in a newsagency over 30 years ago

So it is based on over 30 years of development and is the premier newsagency software solution used by newsagents around Australia to manage customers, retail, delivery, stock and optimising profits.

In 2001, it graduated to its current SQL based system, and it's still improving. It's flexible, user-friendly and very easy to use. With its unique system of options, it can be customised to any particular newsagency to suit your needs.

Loyalty schemes are commonplace and need to be attractive and stand out. This newsagency software leverages inexpensive methods to keep contact with customers and in the process send timely and relevant information.

Having informative reports is a very useful analysis tool. Many systems tend to be underutilised as they get slower as the information in your system increases. Our point-of-sale system runs on Microsoft SQL Server providing the fastest reporting processing power in newsagencies today. It also uses data warehousing and so providing storage without the need to remove or store summary data.

Furthermore, never seen in such software, staff security functionality, multi-draw register operation and variance tracking provide added peace of mind. Plus detailed reports highlight possible problems with staffing.

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