These are a few of our happy clients and their thoughts on our PosBrowser Retail Software.  

Sorrento Newsagency


It has been a long journey for us with POS Solutions: 21 years at Sorrento and five years at Keysborough, indeed, our whole Newsagency time has been with POS.

I am very glad I made the decision to go with Pos Solutions all those years ago at Keysborough and never looked back.

I still fondly remember the DOS system, but the advantages of windows have been brilliant.  I’m sure I’ve driven some of the team their nuts over the years!

I hold very positive memories of the assistance given not only when I wanted software enhancements done but when the situation was critical – I loved using my catchcry of ‘Black Hawk Down’ when we were in serious trouble to the terrific Glynis!

From Dr Phil to Joe, Daniel, Paul, Rob, Brock, Craig, Pete, Chris, Grant, Leon and many others! POS has been great for my business over the years, and we’ve been lucky to do exceptionally well in Sorrento. 

It’s been a wonderful 26 years.

I think one of the biggest buzzes I got in my time in the biz, was to suggest improvements to the software - often with my partner in crime, Simon Richards - and then see them in the flesh in the next software upgrade.  To see those enhancements included in the system was indeed a thrill! 

Once again, many thanks!


Gerard Attwood

Tails Pet Centre


Hi Pos Solutions Australia,

I have just renewed my licence for the next year and wanted to tell you what a great programme POS is and what a great team of staff you have. Once again I have been reminded of the need for a good efficient system.

I have had loyal staff member who started working for me mid December 2013, Whilst working for us she married and recently has her 3rd child.

Well as her oldest daughter is starting school soon it was hard for her to do the parenting thing and work so she has resigned after 8.5 years. She has asked for Po Rata long service Leave! I'm currently working through what we will need to pay her.

The best thing now is that I can go back through staff login/logoff details and see how many days she actually work for how long, so this will help me immensely in working out her entitlements. For example in 2019 she worked on average 2 days a week as she had a lot of time of with childbirth/parental leave etc.

If we were using the old time books where staff write in their hours, it would be a minefield trying to work it out fairly for all concerned.

Thanks for your great service.



Hans Petiet




Tiki Animal Rescue


Tiki Animal Rescue is based on the Central Coast and Hunter region NSW and was founded in January 2015.

We rescue from pounds and the community.

Its mission statement is to be the voice for the unheard and the unwanted.


POS Solutions Australia host the Tiki Animal Rescue website and help us with our IT needs, especially when we are out 
and about at fundraising events. Please consider them if you are looking for a Point of Sale System for your business!


While visiting a school in Fiji last year, which we saw was so poorly resourced with old and in part torn books. We saw nothing in the way of modern equipment
such as a projector and all they had was one old computer. We also noticed that they had no arts and crafts materials. We were then told that its annual budget 
was $10 to 15 per student per year! Absenteeism is high as some of the parents in that rural community are so poor they stopped sending kids as couldn't afford 
to send them with a lunch ....makes you really question things.

Pos Solutions made a sizable donation of suitable education material, which finally arrived at Togo Primary School after two months of delays. 

In appreciation, we received this letter.

togo primary school



cooma pet store


We decided to upgrade our old Point of Sale system and look for something that we could pull reports, track sales and stock and also be able to more utilise our customer data base.

POS offered all of that and much more, we especially loved that POS was so feature rich without the add on price tags.

The process of implementing an new system can be quite daunting but with the support right there to walk you through all the initial set ups and learning process made the transition very easy.

Having Craig as our assigned support member is great,   because you know he’s just a phone call away he is very knowledgeable of the programme and can fix or answer your questions in a jiffy.

Already we have seen and used features to increase sales and profit margins and not only that POS are proactive in looking to improve their product, therefore are willing to listen to what your needs are and help achieve your requirements.

Implementing POS has been a definite highlight and asset to Cooma Pet Shop this year. I would highly recommend it.

Yours truly

Sandra Brabon

Cooma Pet Shop


budgewoi newspower


Just a short note to say how much we appreciate your staff attending to our virus problem this week . It's nice to deal with people who care as much about our business as we do . Brock was very helpful .

Regards Gary & Jan Hewes

Budgewoi newspower


mackie road newsagent


Hi Bernard

As the owner of a combined Lisc. Post Office, Tattslotto, Sub Newsagent, I know that customers only complain 
when things go wrong. They rarely offer praise during the millions of times and transactions, that things go right.

There is many software versions for small business POS systems.

The best thing about POS solutions software is the dynamic Crystal reporting sets, that appear so quickly on my 
screen no matter what criteria I am seeking.

As well as the attention I get from my designated Help Desk person (Rob) who knows how I’m set up rather than me 
being a number on a customer database.

So I just wanted to congratulate your team on the quick & prompt attention last week when my POS system failed 
to boot up in the morning.

A call to the help desk quickly revealed that it was an electrical issue and Shaun from your team was able to 
swap an electrical box within hours. That didn’t solve the problem, so he suggested a few ways to operate my 
store manually until he could get the PC unit back to the workshop and look deeper into the problem, even 
though he had prior jobs scheduled that day.

First thing next morning Shaun? rang to advise that the motherboard was fried, and that a new PC could be 
ordered but would take a few days to arrive. Not to be deterred he was able to provide a refurb. Machine 
that same day with a quick swap of the hard disk and I could be up & running within an hour.

So within 24 hours of a total melt down, POS solutions had reinstalled and provided a PC so that I was 
all set up to continue trading with minimal loss..

My business was only effected for a single day, and because I had taken backups, all was restored as 
if nothing had happened.

So Thanks to Shaun and your team for a job well done when its was really needed.

Greg Lanyon
Mackie Rd Post Lotto News, East Bentleigh


Centre news

We are passionate WA newsagents who are striving to be the best in the business. In 2015, we were once again crowned ANF 
WA Retail Newsagent of the Year!

We are proud POS Solutions users and installed the system many years ago. What we like about the system is its ability 
to truly help Ian and myself manage our business which is particularly vital when you have three beautiful young children. 
As newsagents we always hear people saying that we need to work smarter not harder – 

POS Solutions will help you achieve this.

These are challenging economic times and, at Central News Bunbury, we are truly embracing diversification with the addition 
of the CONNECT system by Hubbed, a new online exclusive and personal card range and we’re the Bunbury specialist education 
provider and hold contracts with many of our local schools.

I would encourage any newsagents thinking of changing to POS Solutions to contact Ian or myself to discuss the benefits. 
If you currently do not have a point of sale system and you’re considering POS Solutions – this is a good business 
decision and you won’t look back!

Ian & Suzanne Cross

ANF WA Committee Member


ANF WA Retail Newsagent of the Year in 2015, 2014 and 2013



Kerry and I have been proud users of POS Solutions for 10 years. A point of sale system should provide significant assistance 
with managing your business and this is exactly what POS Solutions does. We are a family run business with strong year on year 
growth thanks to our decision to review our product range and make significant changes in store including the introduction of 
gift lines appropriate to our area’s demographic.

Our POS Solutions system makes our business decisions clear and simple - we run an extensive range of reports – we analyse 
our sales data and this enables us to make more informed decisions. We make full use of POS Solutions loyalty program which 
employs inexpensive and fun methods to reward and have additional contact with our customers as part of our daily operation.

There are many WA newsagents without a point of sale system – we encourage you to contact POS Solutions and have a 
discussion about your business needs. You need to be able to fully understand how your business is travelling to 
know where your business will be in the future.

Kerry & Wayne Martinovich

Myaree Newsextra – ANF WA Committee Member


myaree newspower

Official the best POS SOFTWARE in AUSTRALIA


best top ten pointof sale systems


In the rankings for the "Best Point of Sale Systems in Australia",

Number one place was a credit card processor and number two, was us a point of sale software provider with a score of 99.2%

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We are all delighted and excited over this.

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Over the years we have sent these people a lot of data, recently we have been posting less as we are doing more on the medical processing of data, of which we are happy to help. Now they want 300 TB more that is a lot of data.


seti home 2017







user meeting fun


Dear Bernard,

It was great to see John yesterday. Thanks for the User Meeting, it was very informative. I hope there will be more in the future.


Sue Nichols
High St Newsagency


Hi Bernard,

Just a quick message to say thanks for allowing John to visit today, it was good to pick his brain and those of a couple of other agents. I learnt at least 2 things that will save us time/effort from now onwards, and I am also considering the website integration.

All the best

Trent Donovan
Nextra Toowoomba
nextra Grand Central | news extra Ruthven Street | news extra Hooper Centre
Phone: (07) 4638 2817





Subiaco Square Newsagency has been with POS Solutions since opening our doors 16 years ago. We also installed
POS Solutions at our previous store located in Floreat WA in 1997. POS Solutions offers a professional product 
dedicated to the newsagent industry which assists with effectively managing and growing your business from a 
range of detailed reports to an easy to use loyalty program.

POS Solutions’ customer service centre are very skilled and remedy issues fast and efficiently. If you are 
considering a point of sale system, give POS Solutions a call or please contact me if you would like to 
talk further about my experience.


Dean Scott

Subiaco Square Newsagency & Lottery Centre

Chairman, ANF WA Committee

WA Retail Newsagent of the Year 2007 and 2008



POS Solutions was honored this year by being the recipient of the award by the Lucky Charm group. Here Helen Kentros, the Manager of Operations at The Lucky Charm group is officially thanking POS Solutions with an award for all our help.


lucky charm award

This award recognizes that we have made significant contributions to retail management and the group.


Lucky charm award