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We have been talking for a while with Tabcorp about our concerns with their app and a POS system.  In particular that we feel the Lotto app needs to differentiate between lotto card paid tickets and non-lotto paid tickets. The only way to do this is, we think is to have a different product id in the barcode for the item. 

Each lotto product that can be used with the lotto card will require two product ids, one when paid by lotto card, and one when going to be paid as usual.

In both cases, we want the full price of the item included in the barcode. 

We also feel that having a zero prices barcode is stupid and does not help in any way.

As far as we are concerned but not all software suppliers in this market space, we can handle the lotto-paid product ids internally in the register with minimal changes to your systems. If so, then we can keep the existing functionality as well as new functionality to our users. 

As our system already has a "rebate" feature to store the difference between the price an item is sold at, and its real price which we can use this to store $0.00 as the price sold, and the item price in the rebate column.

This way the receipts will be correct, the total of the sale will be accurate, the till will balance, payments by lotto card can be reported, reconciliations will be correct, and Gross Profit reportings will work correctly - taking into account the item price of the goods as they do now.

Assuming this method is made available, the proposed changes to our system will need to be done

1. A new pay-type needs to be added

2. A new system entry will need to be added to signify that pay-type as Lotto pay payment

3. Database change needs to be done to the stock table as it now needs to store secondary product ids

4. Register change to differentiate lotto paid item and non-lotto paid item

Then everything will seamlessly fit into place.

If you are a lotto agent and happen to be talking to one of their agents, please tell them about this problem and our proposed solution. Maybe if more mention it, we can get something done as this has been going on as I stated for quite awhile.

Update: We have just finished a conference with lotto. They do see the problem. The solution depends now on whether the powers that be there, are interested in doing something about it. If they do give the go-ahead the earliest lotto can move is about a month.


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