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    When are you busy? This is an important to know in a shop. You can be busy as the tills are busy or your shop can be busy as clients are in the shop, and you need to serve them. We can help you to find these answers.

    PS This is also a very good test of the speed of the pos software, there was seventeen years of data, and it took less than a minute for our point of sale software to calculate.

    Now please go to Traffic analysis which you will find in register reports > Sales.

    Now if you already know this report, it's worth going into as we have recently improved this section.

    As you can see there are quite a few reports here, which it is probably worth your while going through them to find the one that works for you best.

    Now here I select "Traffic Analysis by Trading Hour" and this pops out.

    Now if I click on report criteria, see red arrow.

    I just left the dates and ignored the options, for the time being, out pops a chart, which shows by customers how busy the shop was per day. This will tell you how busy the till operators were.

    Now if I selected traffic to see red arrow, I would get a similar report but based on people in the shop. This will tell you how busy your salespeople were.

    Like I said there are a few such reports slightly differently, so test which one works for you best.

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    The major growth technology in retail, is now in mobile technology. This is becoming a major path to engage your customer. As such we will be holding a webinar soon on how to engage your clients with mobile technology.

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  • barcode NOW 43 YEARS OLD

    On June 26, 1974, the first ever barcode on a chewing gum was scanned commercially as part of transaction. ow everything has a barcode.

    You can read more here.

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  • Your Business Intelligence

    These question's business owner should know about their business, such as what is happening, what their staff are doing, what their customers are doing and how much profit they are making.

    Well with point of sale software, they can with a few clicks see this and more, for example, just how much they are making from each of their staff, their clients, the products and services they are providing in seconds. They can see at what times and days they do their most trade.

    The intelligence supplied by our POS software has been specifically designed to help you optimise your business so that you can reduce your costs and increase your profits.

    Talk to us about putting an end to guessing in your business and make fact-based decisions.

    We are committed to helping you grow your business.

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  • Please use the automatic order system

    Almost half the out of stock problem in a typical client of ours can be avoided by use of the automatic (focus) ordering system.

    This can avoid much of the negative problem in a business such as people coming and walking out because you do not have the product they wanted. What is even worse is if they get frustrated with you not having the stock they want and going elsewhere.

    It does not look good either, what do you think of this shop shelf?

    What does it say about the business to its clients?

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  • Having a complete point of sale

    There are many advantages to having a point-of-sale system running on different equipment through a WIFI and/or cloud solution. We hasve some special routers and an improved microsoft SQL that can make such a system fly.

    Here are some examples of what advantages it can do.

    1) Having a tablet with a register means that someone can go out with a tablet and add immediately a new register if the queue gets too large.

    2) When doing stock returns, the goods are in front of you, do you really want to go to a computer to get the information required? No, you want the information while you are in front of the goods as there is a lot of information as our system is considered the best in stock returns. Without a tablet, or laptop you need to often remember or write down some info on paper and go back and forwards from the computer to the goods.

    3) You are in front of a potential customer and need as much information as you can get. Do you really want to step away from the customer, and to go searching on a computer just when they are thinking of buying? How much better is it if you could have all the information on your mobile/tablet right in front of you without stepping away from the customer and put in the order immediately.

    If you want to link into such a system, please consider that it would be a serious loss not to move now to take advantage of this year's immediate tax write-off, which allows businesses to immediately deduct the full value of every asset purchased to the value of $20,000, instead of claiming the deductions over a number of years.

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  • Tablets and laptops

    Sometimes on the front counter, space is at a premium. Sometimes you just need to have a pos register that is portable. Not everyone can carry a heavy computer. .That is why POS Solutions delivers a point of sale solutions for tablet

    or laptops.

    The cost of running these is very low assuming that you fully drain and charge your tablet every other day, it will cost around $2.70 for a year. Laptops are about $13 per year, if you charge your laptop, every day with a 45kWh charger that is less than a family takeaway meal.

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  • Free webinar: End of Year reporting

    Last warning today at 3:00pm EST we will be holding a webinar on End of Financial year reporting.

    Any of our users or reader here if they like are invited to attend need to join which can be done simply by visiting our facebook account here at 3:00pm unfortunately though only the first five will be accepted

    The following reports which your accountant will require from your point of sale software will be discussed in detail

    Sales reports
    Stock Valuation
    Customers Outstanding
    Creditors Outstanding
    Subagents Outstanding

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  • iNTEGRATED eftpos

    Tyro recently made a special End of Financial Year Offer, which had a very unexpected result.

    What Tyro offered was to those people that switch to them, that they would give them a saving of 10% on their EFTPOS bill and 6 months-free terminal rental, which is a good offer.

    What no-one expected is that so many of our Tyro clients (over 27%) used the offer to switch from a stand-alone Tyro system to an integrated Tyro system.

    Obviously, our clients saw the chance to switch at a cheap rate to an integrated solution and jumped on it.

    There are many advantages to an integrated system, principally.

    1) It reduces operator errors by eliminating double data entries and re-keying errors from manual entry on the EFTPOS.
    2) Improve speed of service for your customers, as you can see an integrated Tyro Efpos (dark blue) takes just a fraction over a second on any day of the week.

    Plus of course, you would get a

    a) One receipt from the POS software
    b) full reporting of all transactions on your own merchant online portal
    c) Seamless end-of-day reconciliation.

    It now is clearly a good time to look into it while the offer is on the table.

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  • Prepare for more Microsoft updates

    We are all stunned at POS Solutions by Microsoft's recent announcement here that they are releasing more security updates for operating systems like XP that are no longer supported. They must have found something big that they do not like.

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