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  • Full service bookkeeper

    Most SMB companies cannot justify internally because of cost a full time financial controller, however, they often feel a need for a part-time full service bookkeeper who has the responsibly for looking after the accounting operations within the business, and as they are not charging like an accountant, the costs are affordable. What they do is much more complex than a regular bookkeeper and they also sometimes include the preparation of interim reports and snapshots, which lets you know how you are going. This is a section from a sample report from BAS and More which is one that we do recommend to our clients click here. which come online through an API in their software.

    These Full service bookkeeper also handle the accounting cycle duties and supervise others in the basic tasks, code the accounts, check the payroll, do spot checks and ensure that the correct ledger accounts are being debited or credited and monitoring cash flow. As well, they produce the figures for the financial statements and general ledgers for your accountant at the end of the year, although some do produce these for their clients say quarterly. No doubt there is much more that I have not mentioned.

    The information they use comes from a range of sources, including our point of sale software, bank statements, etc.

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  • Best Practices for Managing User Identifiers

    This is a tip that cannot be stressed too much in a retail business, give every user in your POS Software a unique ID and make them use it. Every person should have their own ID. Do not allow two people to share the same login. This will also enable you to monitor, audit and if required you can, then investigate what is happening.
    The reason this came up today was because we have just had one client, whose evidence from their system was rejected as the employee in question used a general login and the judge stated it could have been anyone, so it proves nothing.

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  • full service bookkeeping

    Our point of sales software integrates into a wide variety of accounting software packages, and so we do not actually recommend any accountancy program as such.

    We do, however, as we service so many retailers have access to accountants with skills in many such programs.

    One that we do recommend is BAS & MORE mainly as they have helped us in the past, and because I do know that they are good. They are professional partners with MYOB and Xero, and they can handle a wide variety of other accountancy software packages, plus they have access to special deals, e.g. Xero subscription is free for their clients.

    Here are some of the services that they do

    If you want to know more, please click here.

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  • Starbucks - A Great Customer Loyalty Program Example

    Our point of sale software can handle a wide range of rewards programs, so before embarking upon a rewards program its worth reviewing what is available.

    You need to be careful, for example, if you are a Woolworths customer, you probably remember after they scrapped their Qantas-linked point rewards system, they replaced their rewards system with a program of discounts on specific products. This program did not last long and shortly after it was quickly scrapped, then Woolworths went back to a point Rewards point system. This change was generally regarded as a disaster. Clearly Australian wanted points, not discounts on selected products.

    However, that still leaves a wide range of point programs you can offer with our POS software.

    One of the best and most popular ones available is the Starbucks Rewards Program, which I think is one of the best in the world. It is certainly very successful. Have a read here of how it works.

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  • Four questions for your EFTPOS provider

    Here are some questions, that I recommend you ask any EFTPOS/credit card provider for your point of sale software.

    1. What is the tiered pricing on cards?

    Not all cards have the same pricing, what you need to find out is what is the pricing on the cards not only the standard MasterCard and Visa. AMEX is always a problem for low margin retailers, but it's not the only one as many cards have extra costs.

    2. Cancellation and termination fee?

    Some providers insist that you sign for a fixed period. If possible try not to get locked into a contract that requires a hefty fee to get out.

    3. What are the charges after the first year?

    Some providers only guarantee the charges on the first year.

    4. Check what other extra fees will be charged?

    Many credit providers have something, e.g. compliance fees, statement fees, annual fees, monthly minimum fees, etc. Make sure to always ask what other fees may be charged.

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  • How to host an event

    Our point of sale software can handle the mechanics of holding an event, but there is much more involved then just that. So I really liked this article and after reading it, I corresponded with the author, and we threw a few ideas together.

    Now after seeing an ANZAC day event being advertised in one of our client's shops in Bright Victoria today, I thought I would share it with my readers.

    Three points I wish to add.

    1) If you are small consider holding an event when you expect to be busy as you could look really silly if going to a lot of trouble to host an event, and few show up.

    2) Make the event if possible towards the end of the month as many business and event diaries update monthly, so the second or third of the month will give you less exposure compared to the twenty second or twenty third.

    3) Rather then make it a monthly, hold next month a different event eg spring, summer, big cup race, school holidays etc. Make the event relevant to the local people.

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  • Windows 10

    It is looking that the original concept most are saying that Windows 10 will be the last version of Windows, is a myth.

    Microsoft has recently announced that the original Windows 10 version they launched in July 2015, will not any more receive security and improvements after May 9, 2017. So the original Windows 10 version, will soon no longer be supported. To be fair Windows 10, did get two major updates, namely the Anniversary Update and the Creators Update which is about normal for a windows system.
    So soon I think we can expect new Windows maybe 11.

    Microsoft will of course tell us about the wonderful new features in Windows 11 that they added to improve their system but they will of course fail to mention the older programs and most importantly the device when you upgrade that suddenly stop working as the drivers are no longer available as the supplier is not updating their device drivers.

    Onwards and upwards.

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  • Easter latest updates

    Easter with all the changes in newspaper distribution was a big project so it took a lot of work and testing to get it to work this time. But it was done. Considering the scope the savings in time for many of our clients will be huge now.

    For those on DOS or what is called semi DOS systems that cannot do scripting, I think now is the time to serious considering to upgrade to a modern system.

    Scripting as an advanced feature on automatic updates, which is done now in almost every software package. I do not update my anti-virus program or my windows software it updates itself.

    Scripting however now has progressed to the next level. Using it allows us to do changes like newspaper price changes, bumper editions modifications as well as order changes, etc. Rather than the user having to waste their time entering information on the correct day for a task; we send a script down the line. It does the changes.

    Which is imprtant as our clients were flat out now and did not need to remember what to do with their computer work, at least ours can get on running their businesses.

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  • EFTPOS Tyro latest offer

    alt text

    About now is the time of the year, I have noticed when many companies with shareholders come up with their best deals as nowis when they want figures. So here is a heads-up on what is a very good deal.

    Tyro will announce an EOFY campaign. The offer is that Tyro will, to new customers, provide savings of 10% in merchant service fees and provide a free terminal rental period of six months. In order to qualify for this offer you must submit an application to Tyro between now and the 30 June.

    Further details on this can be found here.

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  • Major upgrade to our online help system coming

    alt text

    POS Solution Online help will be expanded from a help-desk management system into a new secure, cloud-based solution for sharing, distributing, and collaborating on content in our point of sale software where you will be able to see additional information, such as documents and screen prints, and share such information.

    This will provide help, allow you to find information on how you can better use posbrowser.

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