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    I believe that a software company is only as good as the support it provides its clients. So our support team is staffed with experienced industry and technical experts committed to the highest level of customer service. Unlike others, we understand your problems and speak your language and our customers enjoy extensive ongoing support via phone, e-mail and the internet from our committed and industry experienced team. So we run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and to ensure you receive the best service.

    Today our support staff is available both for urgent and standard calls.

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  • Donating loyalty marketing points

    One problem with loyalty marketing, it is hard to get people motivated if they feel its unlikely they will come back to your shop. An example happened to me when I went to the USA. The salesman in a shop told me that I could get a store card and collect points and get some benefits. I laughed and said that I was a tourist, and am unlikely to come back so their offer is of little interest to me.

    So what can be done to make their offer attractive to people like me without costing the retailer a lot of money in something like a discount voucher?

    Here is an idea, offer these people a chance to donate the points on the current purchase to charity. It is not like it is going to cost them anything and it will feel that by giving these points to a charity they are doing something good. People that think they are doing something right do tend to buy more according to several studies.

    A simple way of doing it is to make a hamper of some goods from the shop when the points collected to reach a specific figure donate this hamper to a charity. I helpful chart showing how close the basket is to being redeemed helps too. It all very easy to manage with our POS Software.

    If you are going to do something like this, I recommend that you select a local uncontroversial charity, eg something like a charity for multiple sclerosis, heart, kids, suicide prevention etc. Avoid anything that is the slightiest bit controversial. It will only get you in trouble. One of my clients adopted an overseas school. A good client saw the sign and screamed very emotionally and loudly so everyone could hear him when the shop was full of people that he was there recently, it is all corrupt there, the government sucks, none of your money is going to get to the school, and it may end out supporting terrorism.

    I am sure that you will get a big thrill out of taking to the hamper to the charity and make sure that you get a lovely photo while you are there to display at your shop and facebook page.

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  • Split item/ split bill

    What often happens in cafe and restaurants but it can happen in many retail situations too is when a few people come in, and on a bill, they want to pay separately. The formulas customers come up with splitting it can be very tough to implement. Today its worse as many do not carry much cash and those that do have cash want change.

    Well, the good news to our readers is that in our point of sale software we can do. It is both simple and easy to split bills and split the individual items too if required. For example, four people order two coffees, hot chocolate, coke and a cake. You pay for a coffee and part of the cake, then I pay for the hot chocolate, and the rest of the cake, our friend pays for a coffee and our other friend will pay for his coke.

    It becomes a simple and easy non-issue for customers and the retailers alike.

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  • DASH GPS cameras

    Here is an example that happened to one of my clients.

    He was looking for an address from his delivery document produced from his POS software when a driver in the opposite lane turned and drove into him, and they knocked. He was not hurt, he stopped, but the other car kept going. Because he had a Dash Camara systems (DashCAM), he did get a picture of the other vehicle, the driver and a clear shot of the licence plate. He sent these details to his insurance company.

    This is not untypical so many people have been thinking of installing these dashcams, so I got asked about them a few days ago. Now since several of my clients have already installed these and since I am interested in getting one, I have been talking to them about it. So I got a lot of interest when I told them what I had been told and found.

    Here are some observations that I think will be useful, if you want to get one.

    Reliability issues

    One of my clients reported a lot of problems with his unit. It said it was recording, he had checked at first, and it was recording, but then he discovered after a few months that it had stopped recording, even though the red light when it was supposed to be working was flashing. These units need to be checked regularly that they are recording.

    From my experience with GPS, you need a solid one that can take the weather. Over the next few years, most cars will be cooked and frozen by the weather. If the DashCAM cannot take this, it will not be much use.


    An adhesive and vacuum seals, just do not work over a few years, you need it professionally installed.


    If I take it to the airport, park the car in a long-term car park, it can be a week before I will pick it up. The DashCam has to work during that week while the car is turned off.


    How good a picture does it take in the daytime and at night time?

    Normal driving is between 40 to 120 km in Australia if the other side is moving at a similar speed going in a different direction you are doubling the effective speed. Now can it take a shot of this speed of their licence plate so it can be read?

    How quickly does the camera spring into action? Two cars are going different directions the effect speed could be 180 km, in one second the other vehicle will be 50 metres away. Again will the shot show the licence plate clearly?

    Can it handle parking where the range is zero to say 3 metres?

    If something comes up, you sometimes need to take a picture quickly on your command. Can it do this?

    If it is going to record in the dashcam, it needs loop recording.


    Motion detection means here something the camera can see, gravity sensing, is something the camera can feel and what you need is both.


    I want to hear it if the camera is working but not any other time.


    I would like my mobile or the car which is connected to the internet to set the clock; otherwise, I am sure the time will drift beside I do not like changing clocks come daylight savings.


    If an accident happens while parked, I would like notification.

    Final note

    Like always, this list is probably too big and adjustments will have to be made but this will give you a feel for what you should be looking for.

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    Unlike some previous years, this year on ANZAC Day, the Financial Review will not be published on the 25th of April. As such an automatic patch has been created to automatically stop the Financial Review on that days.

    It is patch no 2742.

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  • Update automatically most windows software

    If you have a decent computer, it can be very frustrating when you go to run a program; you get a message do you want to update? You generally want the upgrade, as everyone wants to run the latest software with the most recent improvements but NOW is often not the time.

    If so this program would be of interest to you. We use it to upgrade our clients' computers often.

    What it does it checks what you have, then checks if it is one of its 301 popular applications in its library, and if so will ask you which ones you want to upgrade, I generally go all and once I say YES it will in bulk update them all. It then installs and updates them automatically, while you are doing something else.

    What is also useful is that if you do not have some of these programs and want them, you select them too and it will download and install them too automatically.

    One point I strongly recommend before using this program in options set it to run a restore point first in options, just in case.

    You will find it here.

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  • Business intelligence improved

    No one wants to wait so what you will notice in the new version of our software is that our reports in our POS Software besides giving more flexibility are now running faster, a lot faster. What we are doing is slowly moving over to the new SAS crystal reports. Which is a big job, so it is taking a lot of time.

    What you will also find is that you will flexibility in what you can print, to what printer you can print and a lot more export facilities, you can now export much more detail.

    Besides giving you more, it is going to save you a lot of time.

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  • Lottoland a lot of correspondence coming through

    I got a lot of correspondence about it. Interesting they are all coming through attached with confidentiality clauses so I cannot talk about it. Why should these people only want to be talking in secret?

    The point that seems to be concerning people, in particular, was my quote from NANA that

    “Throughout the campaign orchestrated and funded by Tatts Group Lotteries, a campaign on which they have spent more than $5m, they portrayed the resistance they have created as being initiated and managed on a grass roots level by newsagents and other lotteries outlets. Make no mistake, the campaign was and is funded and orchestrated by Tatts Group Lotteries. Some newsagent and lotteries associations have tied themselves to the campaign and appear to act as mouthpieces for Tatts Group Lotteries.”

    Actually, the figure of $5 million is, of course, a gross understatement, if you read here, the $5 million figure is for last year, this year I am sure that it will be much more than that.

    The gaming industry has been following the news closely, here are some links.

    IGaming Business

    Focus Gaming News


    One point please consider, whether the legislation through or not, lotto agents are on their own the day after.

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  • A tip on giftcard discounts

    Giftcards are easy to produce in our POS software. So in an effort to get people to buy in their shops what some of our clients do is offer on special giftcards with discounts so say for a $100, the purchaser can buy a $105 giftcard. It works but here is a better idea.

    Why not make it for a $100, the customer buys a $100 giftcard for their friend and get a $5 giftcard for themselves free. That way you may pick up an extra sale from the purchaser as well as their friend?

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  • Banking royal commission

    It is appalling the news that is being reported from the Banking royal commission here. It appears that the banks have been both contemptible and wrong. It appears that people have been charged for services and advice that they never got, some of these people were actually dead for years. As I know a few of my clients use such financial advice services if so I would suggest checking the bills.

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