Improve your customer experience by serving them faster?


Today much of the time taken to process a transaction is independent of the point of sale software. 

Greet a customer with a friendly smile.
Say hello.
Process the transaction
The cash handling or EFTPOS
Goodbyes are said, 
The customer collects the goods and goes. 

The industry standard is now about 40 seconds a transaction plus three seconds for each item scanned.  

So if a customer is buying three items, the time is about 40 seconds plus three items in their basket at 3 seconds each, so it's about 50 seconds. 

But sometimes, the retailer needs speed.  Please take a look at how quickly one of our clients could process cash register transactions.



These were going through at speeds from 1.6 seconds with an average of 3 seconds a transaction. This is with five operators pounding in transactions one after another. It was not even on a supercomputer. It was quite an ordinary one.

To see what is happening with our point of sale system, I took about 20,000 cash register transactions.  

Here the average speed of a transaction was about 36 seconds a sale.  I expected this as our clients tend to have low numbers in their baskets and are almost always in high volume environments. 

Here is what the graph looks like, but our system can go lightning fast if you look at the above graph.


Cash register transaction speeds

As you can see in a pinch, our clients were doing transactions much less than 36 seconds, as you can see here in seconds.

Transaction speed raw data

Besides all its other benefits, our point of sale system (POS) will allow you to serve more customers in less time efficiently. 

On speed, it will match any system on the market.


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