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Artists shocked as a computer using AI artwork won an art competition


Our system has AI in, and were currently trying to extend it. Currently, as far as I know, we are the only ones in our market space with this type of advanced technology. As part of our research, we applied and were accepted into the Dall-E program. Part of what it does is draw computer pictures. This part excited us as it meant that even people with no skill in art could draw high-quality posters. This could be very useful for our clients.

Now a sister program to Dall-E, Midjourney made a picture that won first prize in a prestige art contest. A computer drew this.

Midjourney made a picture that won first prize in a prestigious art contest.


What you do is enter some expression like a google search, and the program will draw a picture. admittedly this one, the *artist* made many attempts first.

Now I decided to test Dall-E by drawing some pictures showing you its capabilities. See what you think. I think it shows potential. An excellent graphic artist would charge you hundreds of dollars for something like this. If anyone wants me to demonstrate, let me know.

I decided to use "sunset over a paper shop with newspapers and magazines"

sunset over a paper shop

Here I decided to use "sunset over a pet shop with dogs, cats"

sunset over a petshop


Then I decided to do some marketing images for posters.

So I said, "Father's day sale gifts."

Fathers day sale


Fathers days sales


Father's day sale


Here is one I made for "Business internet network."


Business internet network


All pictures are in Hi-Res, so if you right-click and view the image to see the incredible detail. I think you will be impressed.

This is the future.

Imagine what it will do to the art industry.

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