Display System (KDS) are rapidly replacing printed picking slips



A warehouse or kitchen in a restaurant is often hot, dirty, and greasy places.  Environments that are not good for computers. What used to happen is that we would put in a receipt printer in such areas. The idea being is that someone would take the packing slip from the printer. Then put it on a rack for someone else to grab it and process it.

This does present problems. 
-The order must be processed in realtime, not in advance. 
-Someone has to watch the receipt printer. 
-These packing slips get grabbed by people with dirty hands. 
-Often, these slips get misplaced.

In practice, what we find the biggest problem is if changes are made on the order.  Say five items are on the packing slip, but the customer cancels one. The packer or kitchen hand processes the five; soon, the customer gets five things and pays for four. 

These KDS are displays that show people at the required time, all the information they need. 

It then allows them to send messages that their part is done electronically. This significantly increases efficiency and also reduces the clamor and noise.

It is not surprising that now many of our sales now include units. 

The software for such units is free for our clients.

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