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We were the founding (first) member of Tyro!

Get an integrated payment system to save time, ensure better accuracy and minimise errors.

The faster a sale is completed the shorter the queue time which improves customer satisfaction,

You can make your business payments seamlessly with an integrated transaction processing system. Using the Internet you can do faster transactions without the need for a telephone. Plus with Tyro, there are no risks as there are no transaction limits, lock-in contracts, set up, break, cancellation, or other hidden fees. What we had discovered was an affordable and easy-to-use point of sales solution


Our clients could benefit as they had the industry-leading technology, PCI compliance, and highest standard security, non-stop operation, and superfast EFTPOS transactions at competitive Merchant Service Fees. There are no lock-in contracts, no set-up, break, cancellation, or other hidden fees and Customer Support is local, 24/7.


Our partnership result for our clients:

Integrated purchases and refunds
Built-in mail order/telephone order (MOTO)
Integrated receipts
Integrated reconciliation
Combined end of day reporting and settlement

What Tyro has is

Handle Google pay, apply pay and Samsung pay among others. 
Card payments processed in under 1.6-seconds.
Tap & Go terminals with 3G, Wi-Fi, and Ethernet connection options.     
Mobile and secure payments acceptance for multiple POS units.
Direct integration and seamless reconciliation.
99.9% availability - WiFi connectivity with 3G backup.
Elimination of double data entry and manual re-keying errors.
Immediate access to transaction reporting.
Compliance with the highest industry standards of data security.


Expert 24/7 local customer support and fast transactions make Tyro a great alternative to dealing with legacy banking solutions. 


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