Epay cutoff


Many of you yesterday were cut off e-pay. Many of these people got a shock when it happened. I was surprised as we received no official warning either even though we have heaps of clients on this platform. 

This could surely have been handled better by e-pay!

I can understand why so many of them are upset and find this quite serious. Here is a graph of Telco sales in an average client of ours in my benchmark study, which I did a while ago month by month.


Although I found the profit is not particularly good, but what it did do is bring an average of 120 customers a month into their shops. Based on that, now this month, many of my clients will have 120 upset customers. What did surprise me when I did this study that the retail market in physical shops for Telco and Giftcards was growing at about 8% a year. The clients it brings in are a fair range but some of the overseas tourists particularly the Chinese are great customers to get.

The only immediate solution we can offer our clients is an Afterpay touch solution which has almost the same products, of course, there are some pluses and minuses, but for most people, it should do the job well. 

I think, looking at both systems that the Afterpay touch system is better. It is easier to use, which is very important if you have casuals and works better. I also prefer the Afterpay touch team and support better. 

If you are affected or are interested and need to know, please let me know by clicking here.

We should be able to fix you up fairly quickly.

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