The Mobile Stock Management System we are proud to present a wireless stock control that’s easy to use and affordable as well. The Posbrowser Mobile Stock Management System works on a wireless capable handheld PDA (Personal Digital Assistant).

Windows mobile compatible.

It can send information to your database instantly from anywhere in the store. All you need is the PDA, the program and a wireless access point. Any existing network can always be upgraded to wireless.  Our workplace PDA devices are tough, robust and sturdy.


You can check a stock item for

  • A simple stock enquiry
  • Doing Returns both for your shop and for your subagents.
  • Stocktaking
  • Stock ordering
  • Printing labels
  • Changing stock item details like:
    Dissection, family, class, category, ordering method, label type, location, discount value and on-hand level.
  • Change prices and print shelf labels.
  • Invoic
Our software offers many tablet friendly options