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AMAZON back flips, it is reopening its American site to Aussie



Amazon Australia as I expected has not done well, the problem is not that our retailers are inefficient or not tech-savvy but our overpriced, undependable and slow delivery services which are holding us back in e-commerce plus our small comparative market. 

So now Amazon has done a backflip and will sell Aussies Amazon stocked and sold products from the US. I expect soon that the 3rd party sellers on Amazon will be released soon.

What happens with the costs of delivery to the Australian consumer from Amazon overseas sites will be interesting. Will they keep the Prime subs which allowed free postage over $49 from the US store?

For Australian retailers, the opening of the Amazon sites overseas is going to increase competition, and the two immediate issues are they need to look at their e-commerce and their delivery options.

Where we are unique in our market space is that our point of sale software is a unified commerce solution which brings together both of these issues into one platform in your POS system. Pieced together systems, that our competitors offer cost more money and lead to problems as different systems both in use, training and the need to talk to each other. Plus there is no long-term as who knows what the individual and separate parts are going.

Only our unified system gives you long-term as well as a day-to-day business solution. Click here for more details






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Why Integrate Your eCommerce Website and your Point of Sale Software?


eCommerce website

The major reason is it is more practical, quicker and easier to use, as you do not need to learn and operate two separate systems. 

It is almost certainly a cheaper solution too as you are only buying one system, not two.

With two separate systems, someone will need to move information from one system to another.

A typical cycle might be something like this. 

  • Stock information has to be taken from your POS software and put into your eCommerce website.
  • Orders from your eCommerce website have to be put into your POS software
  • Stock levels need to be checked on both systems.
  • Then the shipping information and tracking reports have to be put into the eCommerce website from the POS software.

During all of this mistakes happen.

What I have seen is

  • Shipping addresses entered wrong.
  • Stock levels are wrong so there is the problem of no stock due to overselling.
  • There is a lot of stock information required to be put in, so many items are not put on the eCommerce site as it is too much work.  

All these problems are avoided by integration.

If you do not integrate your eCommerce and POS software, it will cost you. 

Check our solution out.

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Our two latest online websites


Today every retailer needs to consider a website. What makes our system unique is that it works directly through the point of sale software so the person that knows the existing point of sale system can maintain and use the website. There is no new system to learn.

Here are some websites that we have just done.

This is a newsagent, Nextra Dianella click here. On their website as you can see they sell a range of art supplies, ink and giftware. They are only new, but they are already getting quite a bit of business through it.



This is a garden supplier, they are a boutique plant nursery that specialises in perennials, shrubs bulbs and seeds.




If you want to know about getting yourself online please click here.



Free webinar on Ecommerce, a workshop


Free workshop on ecommerce on the 28 August at 2:00pm

Amazon coming to Australia now, hopefully, is a wake-up scream too many retailers that to succeed in today’s world, every retail shop owner must understand e-commerce as today retail needs to change. That is why we are running this free webinar.

To succeed, in retail you need to have a strong online website because retail has changed. We live in a world where almost everyone Googles and Facebooks. Before they even see your shop, they will be passing judgements and making decisions about your shop. If they do not like what they see, or you are not online, the odds are they will move on to someone else. The number of people that just window shopping is dropping.

For example, yesterday, I wanted a pizza, so I googled "Pizza near by", I look at a few that pop up, read a few reviews and decided which one to go too. If the pizza parlour did not have a strong online presence, it could not get my business. Here even a bad website, it is better than NO website.

No Website = Losing Business

If you don't have a website, you are missing out on opportunities for customers who want to spend money with you. So at this workshop we will share our experience and expertise on how to connect your shop to a website.

Pos Solutions Australia has been a leading provider of point-of-sale software for over three decades as we never rest when it comes to answering the call for innovation and development on behalf of our clients. Taking your shop online is the next step. That's why we have decided to bring you Webtail, a fully integrated synchronised online store built that works within your POS software to deliver your shop online. Plus we design you a commanding landing page, give you dazzling gallery, a professional blog and an online store all mobile-ready.

Please let us know if you wish to attend.

Melbourne gift show today


We are showing off our point of sale software plus our eCommerce products at the Melbourne Gift Show.





The actual show is huge, so much that I would think that almost everyone of our clients could gain at least some ideas for possible products for their store. Although I do feel that many of the products were too expensive for example I doubt many people would buy $25 socks. I know my daughter has a ball looking at some of the stuff.



Does your retail store need an ecommerce website? Consider this!


One of the key business rules today is that in the brick and mortar physical world, a shop with a bad website it is better off then a shop with *NO* website. This is because no-one today uses the yellow pages to find you, if they want a product a service say Indian Coffee(KAAPI), a greeting card, perfume or a dog wash, they google it. For example, if they live in a suburb of St Kilda, and they want Indian coffee, they google "Indian coffee St Kilda". If you do not have a website, you are going to be low down in the google list. So they are not going to ring you, they are not going to come to you, they are going to ignore you because they do not know you exist. Test your self with a few products and see how you go.

Even if you hate the internet, no website equals missed opportunities. For a modern physical shop, a website is imperative today.

You can blend the online and physical brick and mortar shop together and see how you can get some of this growing e-commerce traffic.