Why Integrate Your eCommerce Website and your Point of Sale Software?


eCommerce website

The major reason is it is more practical, quicker and easier to use, as you do not need to learn and operate two separate systems. 

It is almost certainly a cheaper solution too as you are only buying one system, not two.

With two separate systems, someone will need to move information from one system to another.

A typical cycle might be something like this. 

  • Stock information has to be taken from your POS software and put into your eCommerce website.
  • Orders from your eCommerce website have to be put into your POS software
  • Stock levels need to be checked on both systems.
  • Then the shipping information and tracking reports have to be put into the eCommerce website from the POS software.

During all of this mistakes happen.

What I have seen is

  • Shipping addresses entered wrong.
  • Stock levels are wrong so there is the problem of no stock due to overselling.
  • There is a lot of stock information required to be put in, so many items are not put on the eCommerce site as it is too much work.  

All these problems are avoided by integration.

If you do not integrate your eCommerce and POS software, it will cost you. 

Check our solution out.

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