Free webinar on Ecommerce, a workshop


Free workshop on ecommerce on the 28 August at 2:00pm

Amazon coming to Australia now, hopefully, is a wake-up scream too many retailers that to succeed in today’s world, every retail shop owner must understand e-commerce as today retail needs to change. That is why we are running this free webinar.

To succeed, in retail you need to have a strong online website because retail has changed. We live in a world where almost everyone Googles and Facebooks. Before they even see your shop, they will be passing judgements and making decisions about your shop. If they do not like what they see, or you are not online, the odds are they will move on to someone else. The number of people that just window shopping is dropping.

For example, yesterday, I wanted a pizza, so I googled "Pizza near by", I look at a few that pop up, read a few reviews and decided which one to go too. If the pizza parlour did not have a strong online presence, it could not get my business. Here even a bad website, it is better than NO website.

No Website = Losing Business

If you don't have a website, you are missing out on opportunities for customers who want to spend money with you. So at this workshop we will share our experience and expertise on how to connect your shop to a website.

Pos Solutions Australia has been a leading provider of point-of-sale software for over three decades as we never rest when it comes to answering the call for innovation and development on behalf of our clients. Taking your shop online is the next step. That's why we have decided to bring you Webtail, a fully integrated synchronised online store built that works within your POS software to deliver your shop online. Plus we design you a commanding landing page, give you dazzling gallery, a professional blog and an online store all mobile-ready.

Please let us know if you wish to attend.