Where your shop website would be strong.


I was reading a report by big commerce done for the ANZ bank. A few points struck me about how one of my typical clients could take on a major because they are local.

Here is a slide on this report.

This is a classic problem in retailing today, the last mile problem as much of the cost is to take the item from a shop or warehouse to the customer.

Now, what if the customer here wants an $8.50 item quickly. There is a cost to get it to them. Most majors will not be able to deliver at these prices to satisfy their customers and not in real-time. Yet many of my clients could do something at these prices. $5 to $10 delivery would give them a competitive advantage and access to 80% of the market.

To get it, all you need is a good website. Google, with its SEO, will give you a good showing because it stresses in its score, local people.

Then you have a crack at this market.

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