Amazon Australia has landed

The "full" Amazon launched in Australia this morning. There is certainly a lot of interest in it, I noticed over 500,000 searched on google trends. I am sure that most of these people looking are going to be disappointed. What we were promised was "massive discounts on millions of items across more than 20 categories, including electronics, toys, clothing, beauty, and accessories." with their prices 20-30% cheaper. Well, I check many items from household products to laptops. The prices from what I could see where the same or dearer as the offers from other retailers to Australian. Interestingly some of the items, I looked at is cheaper to Australians on Amazon in the US, including shipping. The range was disappointing too.

I noticed some of the shipping. Amazon currently says its two-hour delivery "Prime Now" service would not be available for a while. I think they have done some research on our overpriced, undependable and slow delivery services. It is cheaper to send now a parcel from China to Brisbane then from Melbourne to Brisbane.

So far, this launch I believe is a bomb.

I do suggest any retailer check out the site to see how it affects you. It is here.