Thinking of a website, what is the name?


Selecting a website name

With our POS Software, you can have an integrated website. That is a big plus.  Then what you will have is a shop that can take orders all the time. 

Now what you need to consider is a name for your online shop. Here are some points I recommend for an Australia shop.

1) Do not try and save a few dollars by selecting .NET, .BZ, .COM, .ORG, etc extension. Australians want to see your website with a .COM.AU extension. 

2) The shorter and easier it is to remember the name, the better. If it complex, it will be harder to find. 

3) Make it relevant to online. Say for example your name was Simon White and you owned a stationery shop in the suburb of Moorabbin.  If your business name was "White Stationery shop", how is that going to help your business? On the other hand, a name like "Moorabbin Stationery shop", would alert Google and Bings search engines that you sell stationery in the Moorabbin area. It would come up in people's searches. 

4) Keep it as short and simple as possible. I suggest that you pick a name that is easy to spell and simple to pronounce. 

5) Do not be too clever in your name eg haveagr8tday is not good nor is komputer.

6) Check your proposed name that you do not get in trouble eg if your name is McDonald and you open up a hamburger shop, there may be problems.

Bonus tip

For most SMB, I suggest looking at your location and what you do to make your name.  See point (3).

There are my tips, 



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