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Large cameras on the tills


 Woolworths is now following Coles’ lead in installing large security cameras and screens on the top of self-serve checkouts.

This is being done worldwide. Here is a picture of Tesco, a large chain in the UK doing it too.

Camera over a till

The public does not like it, but there is no choice. Shoplifting is now such a big problem. The figures quoted for Australia range from about 1.3% to 3% of retail sales depending on who you talk too. Among my clients, I have seen numbers when we calculate it between less than 1% to over 4%. The 4% guys did not last very long. 

If you want to know how to calculate your figures, I have written here a step by step approach.  Using this approach in less than an hour, you should be able to get a pretty good feel of what size of a problem you have. If you cannot use current figures, use last financial year and do not be too concerned if some values are a guess. In my experience as long as you are reasonably sure, it should be good enough to give you a decent feel. Trust me, doing nothing and being ignorant of the figure is not better.

I would also recommend that you seriously consider following Coles and Woolworth's lead in putting up such large security screens.

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Let us talk about shoplifting?


Probably the best site on the net, to learn about the mechanics of shoplifting is here. <Link removed>

This is a site for professional shoplifters where you will find many discussions on shoplifting. How to do it, what to take, what to do if you are caught, fencing and so on.

Note what they say that they are a "wonderful community of allegedly corrupt and soulless individuals."