How to improve your anti-shoplifting sign.

I have been studying the latest research on shoplifting from the US as I am always looking for ideas to make our software better, and I came across this idea, although it's not software, I thought I would pass it on.

Proper anti-theft signs can do much to dissuade potential shoplifters. Here is a sample. Pay attention to the people's eyes which I marked with a blue arrow.

The image of those eyes has been shown by research to double the effectiveness of the sign as it psychologically reminds people that are being watched. Interestingly which makes sense is that the effect is greater when there are less people in the room. For a discussion of the formal reasons why it works click here.

Here are some more tips on where to place your sign.

1) The sign can be high up where cameras normally are as the potential shoplifter is scanning your security, So you do not need to waste valuable space.

2) Place near the entrance, a lot of potential shoplifters do not go deep into the shop.

3) The sign should be in red.