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Customer training

Our point of sale software is a living, breathing entity. It is continually being improved. We are extending its functionality all the time, even if you know it today soon you will have questions, and it does matter how good our point of sale software is and ours is very good if you do not know how to use it? To reach its full potential you need proper training. 

So we run free training in our training offices. In it, we teach you and your staff what they need to know and give them pointers on what the system can do to maximise their productivity.

Our training is both comprehensive and focused. Plus as I stated you could get a free cup of coffee or tea while you learn.

What it does mean is that our clients get not only a better product but also better use of our products than others.


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Training on your point of sale software can be time-consuming, it is an investment that should be done. This is particularly true when you are looking at one as advanced as ours. 

Without training, much of your POS System is lost as it is only as useful as the people who use it.

What I suggest you do, is pick a reliable staff member preferably who does have computer knowledge and your processes which can dedicate the time required to learn and understand your POS software.

It will be their job to learn as much as they can about the P.O.S. and then one of the duties of that person will be to pass on the information as required to other people in the shop.

Training will be an ongoing process as there is a lot to learn plus as conditions change, your requirements change plus the continual improvements we are putting into our software means that ongoing training is needed to keeping the business running efficiently.

To help we regularly run user meetings throughout Australia, have online training sessions - webinars and have a unique and free one on one training sessions service in our offices. We also for a fee can come to your shop and do onsite training.  

PS If your shop requires specialised skills with software that is not ours like excel, photoshop, word, etc there are many useful training centres available eg Centre for Adult Education



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Free workshop on ecommerce on the 28 August at 2:00pm

Amazon coming to Australia now, hopefully, is a wake-up scream too many retailers that to succeed in today’s world, every retail shop owner must understand e-commerce as today retail needs to change. That is why we are running this free webinar.

To succeed, in retail you need to have a strong online website because retail has changed. We live in a world where almost everyone Googles and Facebooks. Before they even see your shop, they will be passing judgements and making decisions about your shop. If they do not like what they see, or you are not online, the odds are they will move on to someone else. The number of people that just window shopping is dropping.

For example, yesterday, I wanted a pizza, so I googled "Pizza near by", I look at a few that pop up, read a few reviews and decided which one to go too. If the pizza parlour did not have a strong online presence, it could not get my business. Here even a bad website, it is better than NO website.

No Website = Losing Business

If you don't have a website, you are missing out on opportunities for customers who want to spend money with you. So at this workshop we will share our experience and expertise on how to connect your shop to a website.

Pos Solutions Australia has been a leading provider of point-of-sale software for over three decades as we never rest when it comes to answering the call for innovation and development on behalf of our clients. Taking your shop online is the next step. That's why we have decided to bring you Webtail, a fully integrated synchronised online store built that works within your POS software to deliver your shop online. Plus we design you a commanding landing page, give you dazzling gallery, a professional blog and an online store all mobile-ready.

Please let us know if you wish to attend.


We will be having a webinar on 22 June 2017 at 2:00pm AEST on the end of the financial year with emphasis on the reporting requirements.

The following reports which your accountant which they will require from your point of sale software will be discussed.

Sales reports
Stock Valuation
Customers Outstanding
Creditors Outstanding
Subagents Outstanding

To make sure you do not miss out on this webinar as we expect this one to be very popular please register your interest by calling or emailing us.





This Wednesday at 10 am, we are going to host a workshop at our Melbourne premises. In this user meeting, we will cover a lot of information.

These meetings are designed for owners, managers and supervisors within businesses that work the point of sale software.

The cost to attend this meeting is free.

We look forward to seeing you and helping you move forward.




We will be hosting on the 10 May 2017 at 10:00 am in our Melbourne Office.

POS Solutions Australia Pty. Ltd.
Fiveways Business Centre
2 Keysborough Close
Keysborough Victoria 3173

In person user meeting for our POS software.

Everyone is invited to attend.

The agenda will be.

1) Bpay Payment
Learn how to integrate Bpay into cash register and process bill payments for any Bpay bill!

2) Website Integration
See our great new integrated Webstore integration with Webtail. Stock control, processing orders, managing customers from your webstore is now all possible through the point of sale software!

3) Stock management
Learn how to use our unique dead/slow reconciliation reports to make sure your stock is on track!

4) Layby management
Still, by far the most popular form of credit in retail today. Learn some of its finer functions.

5) General questions.
Where you can ask anything, you like.

We hope to see you there.

Reservations are essential as if attendance is less than five (5) the meeting may be cancelled. So please send an email to us if you intend to come.




We are currently looking for a new helpdesk support person. We are for this position, particularly interested in someone who has point of sale experience in pet shops which we are now it appears tha market leader.

Update: Details of the position are available here.



I think this year, we will go though the same training course as last year as it was very successful. If anyone wants to change or add anything let me know.

So the plan is we will go through the various steps in doing an end of year processing, and then finish off with a general discussion to see what we will cover during the next financial year.


We will cover how to keep the stock you have in the store in check with Stock taking. Stock taking will let iron out the little differences you get with data and the physical stock because it can point out the items that have been wrongly over or under invoiced or of course stock susceptible to theft. We will cover the normal stocktake process and location stock take. Also taking a brief look at using the Stock management system stocktake on the PDA.

End of year financial reporting

This session will cover the basic of the end of year financial reports.

Spring Cleaning

What better time is there to clean up your data then now. Quick access to information Posbrowser depends on a clean database, one that is not full of duplicates incorrectly listed stock. This week we will look at some ways you can clean up your your system to get things running smoothly.

Comparative sales reporting

This is a key benchmark used where almost all businesses measure their financial performance over time. In this webinar, we show you how to compare the statistics to provide you both with an up-to-date report and at-a-glance view of how you are really doing.

Using the reports to change the shop layout

There are some extremely powerful reports that can help you to decide what products to put where. It allows you to do is find out exactly what products to place near an existing rage of products. This webinar will take you through these reports.

General Question and Answer session

A online user meeting with a general discussion on what new courses would be good to have. How we are going, what you like about them and what can be done better. You can of course use it to discuss what ever you like.


Some agents have logged calls regarding the non-publication of various newspapers over the Easter break and how to implement this in our windows software

For delivery customers , a set of instructions have been prepared for the Australian adapted for these other newspapers. When adapting these instructions, first determine which newspapers are affected and the dates when the publication of these newspapers is to be suspended over the Easter break. When determining the correct suspension dates, remember that in most cases our windows software treats the newspaper that is published on each day of the week as a separate item. Thus, each day over Easter on which a newspaper is not published must be handled separately with a period of suspension of one week for each such newspaper edition. For example, a newspaper that is normally published on Friday but is not published on Good Friday this year will have a Stop date of 22/4/11 and a Start date of 29/4/11, one week later.

Newspapers that have bumper editions over the Easter break need to be handled in a similar manner to the Easter edition of The Age,determine the newspapers that will be affected with the prices for the Easter edition, and if the Easter prices are different then create the updated delivery prices as described for The Age in the above link. When doing so, make sure that the entry for the old price is also created so that that newspaper reverts to its old price after Easter.

Have a happy Easter.



Following our discussions on the other day with Network services, we are now running a training course on how to set up and the correct procedures for your magazine sales data.

Thursday, February 24, 2011, at 02:00 PM

XChange Sales Data

How to set up and monitor Sales Data that is being sent to XChangeIT.

Closing date: Thursday, February 24, 2011, at 12:00 PM