Enjoy a lovely free cup of coffee while training in our training room


Customer training

There have been many management studies on the advantages of training with software.

Free Coffee + Free Training = Your POS Success Story

Think of our point of sale (POS) software as a powerful toolbox. It's got all the latest gadgets and gizmos – constantly updated to make your business life easier. But even the best tools need someone who knows how to use them, right? That's where our excellent training sessions come in – with a free cuppa on the side!

Why Our Training Rocks

We don't just want to sell you a system; we want it to work its magic for you. Our training is your key to unlocking that potential:

  • No more confusion: We break down everything, from sales and stock to hidden time-saving tricks.
  • Staff = Superstars: Your team will become POS whiz kids, boosting productivity and customer happiness.
  • Did we mention free coffee? Because staying alert while you learn is essential!

Here is what one client said 

"I was so stressed about your great software, but the training was a lifesaver! Now I can now track my stock like a pro, and my sales have gone up."

Training That's Tailored to You

Whether you're a one-person show or have a bigger team, we've got training that fits. It's friendly, hands-on, and focused on your specific business needs. If you need more training, book in more. What I find in my experience that even if you do not keep it all in in, just knowing what something  can do and that it is there is a big step forward.

The Bottom Line

Businesses that use our POS and get the training see way better results. That means:

  • Smooth sailing: Less confusion, fewer mistakes.
  • Happy customers: Faster checkout, more competent service.
  • More $$ in your pocket: A system that pays for itself and then some!

Ready to Level Up?

Let's discuss getting you and your staff trained. We promise we'll make it easy. Just let us know, and we'll schedule your session (and get the kettle brewing!).

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