Boost Your Easter Sales: Strategies for Retailers


As a retailer, you always look for ways to boost sales and attract more customers. With Easter almost here, you have a fantastic opportunity to capitalize on the expected surge in spending.

According to research by the Australian Retailers Association (ARA) in collaboration with Roy Morgan, Australians plan to spend more than $1.7 billion on Easter-related items this year, an increase of more than 14.5% compared to Easter 2022. Despite cost-of-living pressures, people are coming out of COVID and are keen to indulge in Easter treats.

How you can prepare for the Easter spending boom:

Stock up on Easter-related items. Australians intend to indulge in Easter treats, so ensure that your store is well-stocked with Easter-related things. Consider stocking up on Easter-themed decorations and gifts to attract more customers.

Put a sign up that you are offering Easter-specific items to entice customers to buy from you. 

Create an Easter-themed display: A great way to attract more customers is to create an eye-catching display in your store. Use Easter-themed decorations to make your store more engaging and interactive.

Need some ideas

See what worked last year in your shop

Go to Register reports.

Now pick "Top N Stock Sales for a Given Period."


In the form, enter from 9 April 2022 to 19 April 2022. As these items worked for you then, they should work for you again this year.

Key points:

> Retailers can increase sales and attract more customers in the Easter spending boom.

> This year, Australians plan to spend more than $1.7 billion on Easter-related goods, a 14.5% increase from Easter 2022.

> Stock up on Easter-related things and consider Easter-themed enrichments and gifts to attract more clients.

> Put a sign up that you are offering Easter-explicit things to captivate clients to buy from you.

> To get more customers into your store, create a display with the Easter theme that stands out.

> For inspiration for this year, look at your shop's top N stock sales during the Easter holiday the year before.

Easter is a great day to shop in retail as its holiday season is short, so sales can be impressive.



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