Training a tip


Training on your point of sale software can be time-consuming, it is an investment that should be done. This is particularly true when you are looking at one as advanced as ours. 

Without training, much of your POS System is lost as it is only as useful as the people who use it.

What I suggest you do, is pick a reliable staff member preferably who does have computer knowledge and your processes which can dedicate the time required to learn and understand your POS software.

It will be their job to learn as much as they can about the P.O.S. and then one of the duties of that person will be to pass on the information as required to other people in the shop.

Training will be an ongoing process as there is a lot to learn plus as conditions change, your requirements change plus the continual improvements we are putting into our software means that ongoing training is needed to keeping the business running efficiently.

To help we regularly run user meetings throughout Australia, have online training sessions - webinars and have a unique and free one on one training sessions service in our offices. We also for a fee can come to your shop and do onsite training.  

PS If your shop requires specialised skills with software that is not ours like excel, photoshop, word, etc there are many useful training centres available eg Centre for Adult Education



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