Newsapers stopping over Easter


Some agents have logged calls regarding the non-publication of various newspapers over the Easter break and how to implement this in our windows software

For delivery customers , a set of instructions have been prepared for the Australian adapted for these other newspapers. When adapting these instructions, first determine which newspapers are affected and the dates when the publication of these newspapers is to be suspended over the Easter break. When determining the correct suspension dates, remember that in most cases our windows software treats the newspaper that is published on each day of the week as a separate item. Thus, each day over Easter on which a newspaper is not published must be handled separately with a period of suspension of one week for each such newspaper edition. For example, a newspaper that is normally published on Friday but is not published on Good Friday this year will have a Stop date of 22/4/11 and a Start date of 29/4/11, one week later.

Newspapers that have bumper editions over the Easter break need to be handled in a similar manner to the Easter edition of The Age,determine the newspapers that will be affected with the prices for the Easter edition, and if the Easter prices are different then create the updated delivery prices as described for The Age in the above link. When doing so, make sure that the entry for the old price is also created so that that newspaper reverts to its old price after Easter.

Have a happy Easter.