Thermal receipt paper


Here are some more tips for buying thermal receipt paper.

I do suggest buying decent paper if only as it does not give a professional impression if you use some paper that looks cheap.

-Buy a roll first to test before buying a box. Too many people get burnt with thermal receipt paper that is not suitable for their needs. I have seen people having to unwrap a roll and wind it on a spool of a previous roll as the new one did not fit. Imagine if they had a box?

- Make sure the paper is what you want if you want double, make sure that it is double.

- I like the red/pink mark that shows you are starting to run out, some rolls do not have it, and some only show this mark right at the end so you little or no warning.

- Buy what you need, a typical problem is that as quality varies greatly even in the box you can return the bad ones but... For example, I have seen boxes of 50 rolls which have almost half bad rolls. If you are buying large quantities to use internally, it can take a long time to go through 50 rolls to discover all the bad ones. Good luck say over a year later trying to return all the bad ones.

- Be warned sometimes people report to me that the rolls are no way in length to the quoted length.

- Often advertisements do not show thickness. Make sure you do not get some that are too thin.

See my previous posts about buying thermal receipt paper here  and here.



Hope this helps!

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