Purchasing thermal receipt paper.

To some extent, this is not as important as it used to be as most of our clients today rather than print email the receipts through the point of sale software which has marketing advantages too

Still, most shops do print receipts and here are some points what you should look for in purchasing thermal receipt paper.

-It is worth shopping around as there are significant differences in prices even for the same item.

-If you are a shop that can sell such products considering buying the thermal paper as stock and supplying your requirements from that supply. That way you do not run out.

-Check the quality with a small purchase first. It is not uncommon for people to be very disappointed when the thermal arrives. A lousy receipt is a bad advertisement for the shop.

-Make sure the paper is a decent thickness for printing. Some rolls are now so thin that the receipts are not printing correctly. Also, I have noticed is that some paper rolls do not have consistent thinness. This can muck up the printing. For this reason, I have heard of people throwing out a section of the roll to get a decent paper.

-Make sure the rolls will fit into your printer. Sometimes people have to throw out much of the receipt roll to get it into the printer.

-Make sure it tears well.

-I like the red line to indicate when its time to replace the roll.

Hope this helps!