Sharing user ID in Your Shop's POS Software is a Big No


Staff security login details


In your shop, it is vital to ensure that everyone that uses your POS Software has their unique (ID) and that they use it. This practice makes people accountable and helps keep track of who did what.


Sharing logins is NOT to be permitted.

This makes tracking what people are doing easier. Do this, and you can examine quicker errors and discrepancies and search for suspicious behaviour.

We had a situation last week where something went wrong with a transaction a few months ago. The shop owner had no idea who did it as the ID is used by many people in the shop.

Another example was that our client's evidence was rejected in court because the employee used an ID considered a generic code, rendering the evidence inconclusive. This unfortunate incident highlights the importance of adhering to the policy requiring employees to be issued individual IDs.


Please make everyone that uses your POS Software have and uses their ID.


Executive Summary:

> Everyone in the shop which uses the POS software needs a unique ID.

> Sharing logins must be wholly disallowed.

> Individual IDs simplify error detection and suspicious behaviour investigation, enabling activity tracking and raising accountability.

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