Getting the security KPIs from your Operators


If you run a shop and you are trying to prevent employee theft? Well, you are not alone. We see many that have suffered significantly from employee theft.. On average more than 40 per cent of all retail theft is committed by staff. 

One of the best things you can do is give each operator their own draw. Then make each responsible for balancing their own draw for each shift. Our point of sale allows one computer to run many cash draws. If you have not got this setup, I suggest contacting us about it.

Another point is that you need to check your security KPIs to see if they can show some malicious behaviour.

These indicators give you a detailed breakdown for each operator on how many functions each staff member is doing. This works because the malicious staff tend to work in a habit. If something works, they repeat it. It does not take much. $ 50 a day can be $15,000 over a year.

To check these security KPIs, go to cash register reports. (see orange arrow)

Then select Staff and click on "Sales security indicators" (see blue arrow)

Select the required period, usually monthly. 

A report will pop up with many indicators.

As most thieves have a method that works for them, they tend to use it almost all the time, so what you are looking for is unusually high indicators. 

Unfortunately, there’s no denying that employee theft is a reality of retail operations and that it must be monitored.  

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