More Gift fairs happening.


As COVID is dying down, we are seeing more fairs happening. Although many tried some form of virtual meetings, it did not work. Buyers need to see, touch and feel. If you are looking into having gifts or are already into it, this is the place to be. You will meet many new businesses and connect with your existing suppliers. Generally, the senior people in these organisations are there to network. Do not forget your business cards!

So if you are interested in marketing gifts, this show I do recommend.

Here are some points to consider if you are thinking of going:

* Do market research before. See what sells in your shop, the gifts near you, and your business type. Most crucial, check the current prices.

* Ask yourself what you know. It would be best if you stick to these items as much as possible. With gifts, you need to specialise and product knowledge is important.

* Many places have minimum orders unless you are prepared to buy big. The odds are many places will not deal with you. If you like something, first say your budget on these products and say I will go up if it works and see what they say. I suggest you walk if the answer is NO.

* The prices are, from what I can see, the prices are not terrific; be prepared to bargain. If you look, you will find some real bargains. The last day in my experience is often the best day to pick bargains. This is the day many stalls will be looking to get rid of stock that they brought for the show; if you are going to pick up bargains at the fair, that is the day. Unfortunately, it is also the day that many popular lines are gone. If you are looking for something expensive for the house, say a genuine Persian carpet. It may be your chance to get it at a discounted wholesale price. If so, you will need to wait for the show to end to pick it up.

* Consider the show more a chance to buy seeder stock and get ideas. If you want reasonable prices, you need to go on the net and go to the overseas gift shows. Note that if you intend to go overseas, you need a decent gift business turnover.

* You will gain an understanding of your market. See what sort of suppliers handle it and how many.

Finally, look for new things, there are many innovative ones there. Consider this the main reason to go.




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