Cash draws today


Looking at the cash drawer today for your POS software, here are some problems I have noticed recently.

1) When we supplied some drawers for a client, we found that every drawer in that model used the same key. It will not be a problem if you have one cash draw in the shop. It makes it easy to get spare keys. However, if you have many in the shop, anyone with access to any of your cash draws can open any other one.

2) Modern cash draws often use a lot of plastic. Most of these cannot take much in the way of punishment. Even if you do not use that cash draw much in a shop, these need to be able to take punishment. People are tense, they are in a rush, and they do belt them. 

One client told me that the lock on the door had fallen out. They had to disassemble the unit to get the cash out. Now they cannot put the lock back on. Another told me that their drawer continuously comes off the tracks. Another has a spring that is gone. They have to yank on the key and pull it out the door to open it. 

3) Do not trust the manufactures dimensions. A client built a desk to hold his new cash drawer with the measurements from the specifications. One was a back measurement and was wrong. Wait till you get it before building.

4) Lastly, this is getting to be a big problem. Check the size of the notes the cash draw can handle. Many Australian notes are bigger than US or Chinese notes. As a result, many cash draws cannot hold Australian notes. We had to send some back because of this. 

I hope this helps.

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