How to Use Amazon to boost your Business Growth


How to Increase Your Small Shop's Sales


As a retailer, you always look for new ways to stay ahead of the competition and increase your sales. The Movers and Shakers and Best Seller pages on Amazon can help achieve this goal. It can show you what is selling now based on Amazon information.

Understanding the Differences Between the Movers and Shakers and Best Seller Pages

Despite their similarities, the Movers and Shakers page and the Best Seller page are two different Amazon rankings.

The Best Seller page shows the products sold the most in the last month.

best sellers on Amazon

Here I can see the toys that are taking off now.


This shows you what sold the best in each category over the last month. It can help you spot medium-term market trends as you can see which products consistently perform well.

The Movers and Shakers page displays what increased over the previous 24 hours.


Amazon movers and shakers


This page is a valuable tool for locating products whose popularity is rising. You can stay ahead of the curve and spot emerging industry trends if you pay close attention to this page. It is extremely good for the holiday season when products rapidly increase in sales.

If the same product is on both pages, this shows what is really hot now!

You can then click on the product to get information about the product. What I do suggest is that you look at the reviews too. It is an excellent way of finding out hidden bombs in the product. If the reviews are overwhelmingly negative, I would not recommend you handle it, no matter how popular it is. Once word gets around how bad it is, you will look bad if you sell it. You will also pick up information from the reviews that you can use to help advise people that come into your shop.

Use both pages to improve your inventory. It can also show you its pricing strategy. This information can help you make better decisions about your merchandise and pricing if you know these differences. I suggest regularly watching these pages as you can make better decisions about which products to sell and how much to charge for them.


Unless you are a large retailer, you need something like this to tell you what is selling now. A sales representative can be helpful, but they are looking at their employer's interest rather than yours.

Regularly monitoring these pages allows you to stay ahead of the competition and spot emerging industry trends.

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