Promoting Giftable Products: Display and Highlight Strategies


Understand the Customer Mindset to Make Your Products More Giftable

A gift display stand in a store with colorful, attractive packaging

People buy gifts for various reasons, all year round, such as:

Celebrating special occasions: Gifts are a way to celebrate special events like birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, and graduations.

Expressing love and affection: People often buy gifts to express love and appreciation towards family, friends, or romantic partners.

Showing appreciation: Gifts can also be used to show gratitude towards someone for their help, support, or hard work.

Strengthening relationships: Giving gifts is a way to strengthen relationships by showing that you care and value the other person.

Cultural and social norms: In some cultures, giving gifts on certain occasions or showing respect to elders or authority figures is customary.

The point is that its all year long.

It is essential to understand that people often look for presents for others rather than themselves. This means that they may have different priorities and preferences when shopping. For example, they may be more interested in finding something unique or sentimental. This industry survey will help you select and promote your giftable products effectively.

Here are some tips for making your products more giftable:

Make sure your giftable products are displayed prominently in your store. Consider using eye-catching displays or signage to draw attention to the products. Highlight any particular features or benefits that make them great gifts.

Use attractive packaging Packaging can make a big difference in making your products more giftable. Examine items for their packaging. Make sure the packaging is high-quality and reflects the style and quality of your brand.

Personalize the experience. Personalization can add an extra touch that makes your products more memorable. Offer a bundle with a card with each sale. This can make your products more unique and increase the chances customers will return to your store for future gift-giving needs.

Offer free gift-wrapping. Gift wrapping can make your products more appealing and increase customers' likelihood of purchasing from you. Ensure the wrapping is high-quality and offers many options for different preferences.

Make a gift stand

It is essential to attract customers to maintain engaging retail displays. One method for doing this is by adding new things to the showcase stand. Customers are encouraged to return to see what's new to create a sense of novelty and excitement.

Yet, developing a practical display stand that piques customers' interest and inspires them to buy takes time.

Consider colour, lighting, positioning, and aesthetics when designing the display stand. These are flagship products. The goal is to create a pleasing display, show off the products in their best light, and make it easy for customers to browse and buy.

Experimenting with various product arrangements will help keep the display interesting and fresh. A simple rearranging of the stand to give it a new look and feel can do it.

Create a dedicated category in your Point of Sale (POS) software for this stand to track sales effectively. This allows you to collect sales information and make informed decisions as you know what is happening so you can adjust your marketing strategies as you see what is working. You can then set up custom reports and alerts within your POS software in real time, allowing you to make adjustments and take action as needed.

Having the same product in many locations might be necessary. Although it may appear counterintuitive, this has been demonstrated to boost sales as it increases the item's visibility to customers who might have yet to see it in the other sections. Sales have been shown to rise as a result.


Understanding the customer mindset.

Make your products more giftable.

Display your giftable products prominently.

Highlight any particular features or benefits that make them great gifts.

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