How to make the best shop hours for your business


Many business people wonder if opening their shop at some times is worth it. This is particularly true now, as shopping has changed. This is driving our hairdressing shop clients crazy but every business now affected.

The problem is that there are many variable costs with opening extra hours. Beside these utilities and salaries costs, there are also issues like quality of life. On top of that, there is often the law of diminishing returns. Many customers will come when they know you are open anyway. 

If you are using our point of sale system, we have reports that will help you make an informed decision. Using them, many of our clients have gained efficiencies by adjusting their trading hours by determining if the sales justify the increased costs?

Now there are many such reports in our POS software. This one, in particular, you should look at is sales traffic analysis. It will give you a visual picture based on days and times.

Note its colour coded to make it easier to see.

Now do not pick a short period to determine the report for this as sometimes sales can be deceiving. What can happens then is that one big customer may be skewing the sales information. Check the number of sales too.

This is not about working harder. It's more about working smarter. To do this, you need to sit down and look over your figures. Then make an assessment.

Our software can give you those figures.

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