How Important Is Local SEO today for your shop?



Local SEO is the term we use to use for online searches. This gets people to come to their business in a local area - this includes newsagents, pet shops, chemist, etc.  

So, how important is it? Today, the answer is significant: today. 60% of Australians, before they buy something, search at least once a day online. If you do a search as my sample above, you miss an opportunity every time you are not there.

Today Australians do not go on shopping trips, they go on shopping missions. So it is imperative to improve your local SEO if you want to increase your shop sales.

Say I am looking for stationery as above, where you want your business to sit.

It is not only for big businesses. Small local business can do a lot to get good results from an online search. 

What Google does is look basically at three things. Proximity, prominence and relevance.

Note two of the factors, proximity and relevance, do not depend on your business's size, 

Prominence is only partly dependant on your size.  If you are active online, your prominence goes up. 

As a guy who has helped many SMB with their websites, I can assure you that it is not that hard to rank well locally for your product.  If you are in a niche market, it is often not hard to rank well nationally either.  

If you want to see where you stand currently, you can check through a Google and Bing search.

-Put in your business name and see what comes up. 

-Then put in your main products and see what comes up.

Note the business that crops up and record their name. Now, look at their websites.

If you want something better and feel that you have better than average software knowledge, I use this product. Give it a try as it is free on the demo and that demo is quite useable.

Please have a run on it first, learn to use it a bit and only then give me a call, and I can take you through some stuff.  

The full product itself is here again. let me know first before buying as for our clients. I can get you a good discount.



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