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Social media today


I have clients now that are on social media all day. Today any retail business that wants to reach a broader target audience and attract new customers needs to go on social media, particularly if it is not in a centre. A centre will drag people in for you.

That is why often you will see cashiers in small businesses on Facebook on the front counter typing away, answering customer enquires.

Today many of your clients are using social media sites like Facebook frequently throughout the day. If you connect with them on these social networks, you help keep them engaged and interested in your business while they are outside the shop. 

It also allows you to get real-time feedback from the people who are most interested in your goods and services. This is vital if only because of the damage now bad reviews can do to your business.  A nail parlour near me got a few bad reviews and was begging its customers to say something nice about them because they were losing business as people were reading bad reviews and then not coming. 

Getting involved is not hard, try by sharing some cool photos of new stock items, if you have 10 major suppliers they odds are you will get at least one new photo or news item from one of them a day for you to share, then there is also news to share, eg your support for a bushfire appeal, worst case you always have the weather, etc. 

This will result in you having a loyal, engaged audience.

If you are thinking of growing your social media presence, you are probably wondering which social network is the best for you. It depends on the specific products you sell, but I would say Facebook first and then ask your customers.

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What is for you the best times to post to Facebook and Twitter


What I have noticed is many using social media like Facebook or twitter make is a common mistake of placing their advertisements and articles at the wrong dates and times. The point is not be post when it's convenient for the shop owner but when actually the customers of the shop will most likely to see the information. What is the point of posting if by the time their customers start to look, there are hundreds of items ahead of them, their message is lost and the opportunity, the effort and money they put into it is lost!

A useful trick is to examine similar companies to yours and see what they do. That will give you an idea.

Then once you get going you need to use some of the tools available to you to determine the correct days and times. This is not so easy to determine as everyone’s best times to advertise can be different. What you need to do is experiments to try to find the correct time.