On your Facebook page, you are responsible for comments



The High Court has recently confirmed that if your business has a Facebook page, you are responsible for the libellous comments people make on your shop's Facebook page. 

The High Court stated here recently that

Fairfax could not be considered "passive and unwitting victims of Facebook's functionality" as they operated the Facebook page for their own commercial and financial interests, and invited users to leave comments on the Facebook page. Instead, the media organisations must "bear the legal consequences" of doing so.

This confirms our early remarks that if you have a business Facebook page, you must turn off comments, as many do, or actively monitor posts and comments by your Facebook users.

Here are some actionable tips if you decide to allow comments.

Go to your business page.

Then press Settings on the bottom left.

Now you will get a page with the settings.

Here are our suggestions.

Visitor Posts: - Only you can post.

Post and Story Sharing: - Disabled.

Tagging Ability: - Off

Content moderation: - add any problematic words. There is no point in making your problems worse. Besides, I doubt your customers will appreciate people using these words. Keep adding to the list as required.

Profanity filter: - Turn on.

Remember, if such comments appear, please go to your Facebook page ASAP and delete them.

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