Now your clients can keep your receipts in their mobiles

This will save many a lot of time and money.

A problem in a store is that their customers need another copy of a receipt which they have lost. They come in or call, and you have to hunt around though the transactions to find the one they need, you then have to print it or email to them. What we have is a solution now that means your customers can store and hunt themselves.

As you can see here is a simple receipt, Now look at the part circled in purple at the bottom.

Collect & store your receipts digitally

Now in their smartphone what they get without you sending is the receipt. You do not need their telephone number of email address to send it to them. You do not even have to know who they are. What they get is an electronic copy of the receipt listing who you are and when the transaction was done.

It is there whenever they need it and if they need a printed copy, they can now print it themselves.

It can save a lot of time with people that need the receipts for the ATO and with subagents. In fact many that just need statements.