Why use splitting of bills in your shop?



Did you know when you at the cash register, you can split a payment?

Splitting the bill with several people is commonly used by our restaurant clients. It can help any industry. 

Unfortunately, most retailers dislike it. It takes time to divide up the bills as it always promotes discussion. Doing the payment takes longer. Plus it makes it hard to assign responsibility to anyone if the payment goes wrong.   Another point in restaurants is that people that split bills tend to be lousy tippers. 

Still, it can be helpful if someone has not got enough cash to pay for an item. Well, why not let them pay using cash and on a credit card?  

Also, many of your customers do like it. Many do often want to pay only for their bit. 

However, it is an excellent point of sale (POS) feature and the software will help you work out the correct amounts per person.

Try it out, and I am sure you will find it useful.

If you deal with people that buy in groups, you will find it soon a necessity.


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