Issue your own gift cards to increase sales




Have you ever investigated issuing your own gift cards in your shop?  

It widely used in Pet Shops where many of my clients use our point-of-sale system to sell their own gift cards. It is straightforward and easy to do. 

They use it as it increases sales and helps generate repeat business. 

Here are a few advantages.

1) Customer with a gift card often visit the shop more than once to redeem the card balance? 

2) Most gift card buyers and recipients tend to buy more than the face value of a  gift card. Studies show about 30% more.

3) Some gift cards are never claimed, so becoming pure profit. Industry figures are about 2%. If your average margin is 25%, then that increases your margin to 26.5% 

4) You can use them instead of a discount, offer say for every $50 purchased, a $5 gift voucher free.  It's a better deal for you than a $5 discount.

5) They make good discount voucher, better than giving away money.

6) Expand your market. Rather than give local charity money, why not provide them with a gift voucher to entice them to shop with you.

Take a look at it and let me know.

Go to cash register section > Gift vouchers.


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