Today is "Fight Procrastination Day"


Do it now

Well, nowadays we have holidays for just about everything,  so why not this too.

Today is Fight Procrastination Day!

The odds are that much of the stress that you are under is more due to the procrastination then the task yet to be done. If so then today's holiday is the created just for you, get up and do it *NOW*. 

A useful tip 

To fight procrastination get a TODO planner. I find if I have a list with items clearly marked to be done, that I will go through the list and do them.

There are many online available. The two that I would recommend are:

1) I use Todoist all the time. Using it I note what needs to be done and when. What I particularly like is that I can plan on my computer and smartphone. It has a lot of options and good support 

2) Wunderlist which I briefly used which I do not think is quite as good as Todoist but it was very good too. 

But here’s the kicker:

Procrastination is not productive.

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