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Our point of sale software can talk to two TO-DO planners. 

1) I use Todoist all the time. Using it, I note what needs to be done and when. What I particularly like is that I can plan on my computer and smartphone. It has a lot of options and excellent support.  

2) Wunderlist which I briefly used which I do not think its quite as good as Todoist, but it was excellent too. 

Unfortunately today Wunderlist stopped if you are one of our clients using it consider switching to the new Microsoft To-do software. We have not yet done the integration into this Microsoft product, but we should be able to do it soon, and the lack of integration will not stop you from proceeding now.

As someone who knows the hustle and bustle of retail today with so many things required to stay on top of it, e.g. customers, staff, stock, supplier, etc., I know how difficult it can be organised. That is why having killer time management skills is critical to retail success.

Below are some handy pointers to help you do just that.


If you have not tried a computerised to-do list, either of those two above is an excellent place to start. I think you as many of my clients a significant improvement on a handwritten list with your time. 

Here are some advantages that I found in using a computerised to-do list.


Unlike before I do not forget much anymore! I can be anywhere when I realise that there is something that I have to do. Then I grab my phone, open my to-do app, and write that task down. 

It creates order

My to-do list gives me every day is a list of things that I need to do. 


I can manage my tasks effectively according to time available, required date, time taken to do the job and its importance.


If you finish something quickly, a meeting gets reschedule, which is happening a lot now. I can reschedule.

Organise my time.

If something comes up unexpectedly and takes precedence in importance, I can quickly replan.

And if somehow I have some time, I can look for what can be done quickly in my spare time. 

Feeling Productive

I get a score about how well I am getting on with my task

Helps you to Delegate

To-do lists help you to delegate work. If you see the list is too long, you can find others to help you get things done, whether it is asking family members for a hand or hiring a job out.

Relieves Stress

Even I cannot do a task now. It is a great relief to note it down with a proposed plan of doing it.

I strongly suggest that you look into such software.


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