Remember to backup



Just because of this, pandemic does not mean that backup should not be done.

A store yesterday discovered that their main computer was dead.

When I heard about it, I thought that this would be an easy fix.  We set up a computer with a system, load on their backup and off they go until their computer can be fixed.

However, soon I was told that they had no backup for weeks. With everything happening, no-one had been doing backups. All the book ups, payment history, etc. over the past few weeks is lost. So everything has been lost since then. Beside costing them time and money, plus I am sure a lot of grief and frustration to get this data to a reasonable state. 

It should never have happened. Today everyone should have an automatic data backup service in place and you should take backups every day.

Ultimately a computer is a mechanical device and it will fail, its only a matter of time.



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