Time to change passwords



Well, 2018, just started and it now time, if you have not recently done so already, to change your passwords. Even if it something as trivial as adding a character "8" to the front of an existing password, it is a big step forward in security.

Passwords should regularly be changed, I know someone last year who was in family court. His ex-wife was claiming that he had broken into her email account. When told that he did not know the password, she claimed he could have worked it out knowing some details about her. I thought when I heard that, if so why had she not already changed the password if these email accounts were so important to her?

In 2017, many companies and organisations and we thought the headlines of big data breaches couldn’t get any worse, one of the most significant data breaches was in the US a police site.

The other problem is that all that is needed for someone to crack your computers is one employee with a password like "123456", then if a hackers tries and break into your system what they will do is try these well-known passwords in your system. If you have a few people who have access, then they now have a reasonable chance of cracking your system. Furthermore besides your possible loss, if your suppliers or clients suffer damage as a result of this hack then you are liable. Many people mistakenly believe that because their suppliers like MasterCard and Visa take responsibility for the debt that they are okay. This is not always true. What happens in these situations is that these suppliers will look into recovering their monies at the retailer if they can, and this is what they do with fines and legal costs.

Also check here. This is a website that has a list of email addresses that have been publically hacked.