ePay control

One of our clients now is involved in a legal case with epay, totalling about $200,000 which is over an 18 month period, where they are claiming that there are many products that they were charged for by epay that they never sold.

So if you sell epay products, I recommend that you check your epay statement. The first point is to check that the products listed on the account are products you sell, this is what first brought this problem to my client's attention. Then verify that your point of sale software on its end of day ticket whose department for epay matches the amounts on the epay statement. If you have any doubts at this stage, I suggest a full audit ASAP. If so, please give us a call as the amounts involved are not trivial.

PS This advice is certainly good for any three party products you sell. It is all too easy for such problems to happen now in a digital age.