Professional systematic Retail Counter management: Use it in your shop.


We offer in your POS Software, a professional systematic retail counter management!

Consider this your counter is where people are buying. In retail, it's much easier to sell someone something if they are already buying something. This presents you with an opportunity to increase your sales.

It is the destination point for your shop.

At that spot, think of what you can offer your customers.

Your suppliers know this. If you let them, almost all your suppliers will get you to put their product on the counter.  Great for them but not for you a good strategy.  

Any item on the counter should be marked to the counter for monitoring. This is your prime area, make a philosophy that for an item to be on the counter, it must be good. To do this, you need to track the sales of these products.

Here are some points for the counter here.

-Try to make the counter bigger. The bigger the counter, the more you can sell here.

-Remember to experiment. Only the best products survive here.  

-Go to large shops that sell items like you. Note what they offer here and how they present it. This will give you some ideas immediately.  

-This area is for impulse-inspired sales. It needs stock items that attract customer attention. What you want are products that do not make much debate by the customer. They should be items that customers want or need, such as novelty items, hand-sanitiser,  plush toys, etc. 

-You need items at your customers' price point.  You will need to experiment with this as the price point on the counter are different to the shop.

Every week or so, go to cash register reports > Sales stock > Sales by Store location for a given period as above.

Put in a reasonable time frame. Start longer than you think you should use. As you bed down, the counter management gradually move to a better period.  Now study this report. Over time you will see a lot of good information.

Try it now and let me know how it goes.


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