Another COVID Lockdown, third, fourth, fifth.. wave



The COVID-19 situation in Queensland now is showing that these sudden lockdowns are still happening. This is despite the vaccine rollout which unfortunately we are way behind on schedule. These shutdowns are causing havoc with our clients. This is particularly with those that deal with perishable products. I have a client now throwing out three days of food. He told me he could not justify buying quality food in his restaurant now with this happening?

If the rollout doesn't work or takes too long, retail, I am sure, will pay a heavy price again. I doubt the public know how devastating these restrictions and lockdowns can be.

This is made worse by the attitude of many landlords now toward retailers.   To be fair, many landlords have much to be worried about eg JobKeeper has ended. They know this will hit their clients, some directly but all indirectly. Then there is also the removal of the laws that allowed people to trade while insolvent. 

It is a good time if you rent to negotiate with the landlord. 

Still, there is a lot of optimism. 

People have much in savings. Plus people now want to go out. There is nice weather now, which is unusual for this time of year, which helps. I intend to join them outside, so I am taking a few days off too. I will do some blogging, but that is it. If you need me unless it is urgent, please call someone else at POS Solutions. This is the first break I have had since COVID hit, and I am looking forward to a few days off. 

I hope you have a good Easter and stay safe. 

We all in this together.


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