POS Systems: Return Fraud

Shoplifting in a store

Here are a list of return fraud at the Point of Sale that I have seen.

People have brought items, left the shop and subsequently come to back. Then they grab the same items off the shelf, next go to the Point of Sale, show the receipt and demand a refund.
Possible solution: A good camera system.

People buy an item, e.g. a book, read it and then come back to return it.
Possible solution: Unknown but its a toughie. It happens a lot in the clothing industry too. A guy is going to a wedding and needs a suit. So he buys one, uses it once and comes back, stating his wife or girlfriend did not like it and wants his money back. On the positive you can demand before you do a refund that the items are in marketable condition so at least you have not lost anything.

People come in with a fake receipt and the goods and demand a refund.
Possible Solution: Scan all receipts and see what is in your computer system. A fake receipt will not be in your system.

Senior employees process fake returns. They just look for a high priced item recently sold, then do the documentation for a return and keep the money.
Possible Solution: All returns have to be signed by the employee who must put the item and this signed return form together until you inspect them. Only then can they be returned for sale. One point you need to watch here is that the item attached to return form is not one straight from the shelf.

A variation on this fake return that I have seen is that the goods were return, and the refund paid but your client only got part of the refund, e.g. the price less delivery charge and the employee kept the delivery charge.
Possible Solution: All returns before payment have to be signed by your client too with the value paid clearly marked. This document is put aside until you reconcile the amounts.

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