Increase YOUR Margins

Here are some practical tips that help our users to increase their margins.

Fast service on the front counter.

I have never seen a POS system that can go as fast as our system. It is a system built for speed. As such you are going to lose fewer clients as they wait less.

Find your price points

With our point of sale system, you have reports that show you the price points that sell in your shop. Find the prices that work for you.

Dynamic pricing

Some items change in prices several times during the day, for example, petrol changes all the time, in other shops the night price of tobacco is different to day price.

Change prices in general

As prices change you can instantly prices on goods in your shop.

Slow-moving items.

You can instantly determine which items are not moving well both the bad and the ugly items.


A VIP system that works and does not need continuous discounting to make it work. It is great to move items but once your customers are taught that you are continuously discounting, what they will do is simply wait for the next round of discounting.


Schedule employees when you need them, it is available free in our system. Using the traffic reports so you will see when you do not need that many people or when you need more. Want more we have a traffic system that can tell you when people are in the shop and not buying.

Missing reports

Look for items that are missing. I had one client that using the missing report discovered that almost all his rubbers were being stolen. He was actually not selling many at all.

And many more