Having your accountant do jobkeeper paperwork



I understand that now times are tough and more draining then the actual work is the stress that we are all feeling today, so many people are confused and looking for professional help.

Part of the problem now is the ATO have switched systems from Auskey to the myGovID and like always when the system changes we have problems. The myGovID system has heaps of problems, with heaps of complaints on social media, I think this is partly as the government support on myGovID has been terrible. 

In any case, people wages need to be paid just like any other operating costs and there is some paperwork that needs to be done so you can claim it.

I thought I better warn you about how much it could cost if you use an accountant rather than do it yourself.

Say you employ two workers, and there is you and your partner so its four (4) people for jobkeeper.

These costs EX GST were quoted to one of my clients today who assures me that his accountant is on the low side of fees.

1) Employer Eligibility Assessment      $100 to $250 

This is actually easy to do yourself, but the problem here is that no accountant would put their name on this task until they do this. 

So we are looking for this item of $100 to $250

2) Employee Nomination Notices $50 each   

Everyone has to be nominated and emails and/or notifications have to be sent and since its the accountant that you have given the authority to do this and monitor this, as there are four (4) employees.

So we are looking at 4 x $50 = $200

3) Enrol for JobKeeper with ATO  $100                        

This is one cost I do question, it is not hard to register for the JobKeeper, you do not need an accountant to do that but if you did ask them to do it, then fair enough.

So we are looking here at = $100

4) Apply for JobKeeper $100 to $250 

This seems to me to be way too cheap, every employee has to be listed on the ATO website, info has to be collected and noted, still they quoted this and have to live with it..

So we are looking here at $100 to $250 

Total setup cost is $500 to $800 EX GST

5) The monthly fee which will involve the documentation required by the ATO is $100 to $250 

Since JobKeeper is going to last till September we are looking at six (6) months 

So we are looking here at $600 to $1,500 

Total costs are between $1,100 to $2,300 EX

However, any extra work is charged out at a standard hourly rate of $150 EX. This may be important if the ATO ask questions. If the ATO in this scenario does ask questions, please refer them to your accountant immediately as there is very little an accountant can do for you once you say something plus you may lose the benefit of their professional indemnity if you do say something stupid.

This here should give you a first-level approximation of costs and I hope this helps.


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